Ghost: a new kind of blogging platform

by Ruchira on May 8, 2013



I have lately found this kickstarter crowd funded project named “Ghost” which is a new blogging platform trying to enter to the market crowded with WordPress users. Ghost project is already fully funded and still they have 19 days to collect more funds.

It certainly looks nice and Ghost is node.js application which uses Sqlite for its database. There is not much fully functional proof apart from the basic  but they have some nice screenshots and a video on its kickstarter page . 


According to them this is set to be released on September this year. I have mixed thoughts about this product. It will take much time for a new platform to get in to the market. And other than the beautiful sleek interface, I don’t see much improvements on the core which makes it better than WordPress. WordPress has a huge user base and community and they will have hard time competing with WordPress. But this can be next Tumblr, who knows.

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