Good news! Amazon SES now supports SMTP!

by Ruchira on December 17, 2011

If you are sending considerable amount of emails to your visitors or customers you may have a problem reaching most of the users inbox because the risk of getting your IP’s blacklisted etc. So using your own servers to send emails for like 1000 users per day is a disaster because of the possibility of getting blacklisted. And a simple workaround for this problem is using Google Apps mail and its SMTP functionality.

And even there is a hard cap on sending emails from google apps mail and you will need to consider something else for the demand. And Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) offers a great and simple way to get through this problem but hey its not a innovation and these kind of service providers existed long before SES. But SES offers you very good price than the other providers.

But until now SES lacked major functionality. Thats sending emails over SMTP. All your web apps which need to send emails outside will simply use SMTP when you want external service to send the emails for it. Best example is wordpress. you can find SMTP plugins to use with google apps. But previously SES required some complex CLI actions and special programs to do the trick! In simple words its not user friendly.
But now Amazon SES introduced SMTP functionality and new section inside your amazon aws account.


you can simply obtain your SMTP login details from SES control panel and implementing it is very easy.
I have gave it a try and unfortunately for some reason it didnt worked for me on this blog and other site and I guess its minor problem on my own account or something like that and I will give a try again. I hope it will work 🙂 Happy sending everyone 🙂

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