Google patches chrome for security issues

by Ruchira on August 26, 2009

CVE-2009-2935 Unauthorized memory read from Javascript

A flaw in the V8 Javascript engine might allow specially-crafted Javascript on a web page to read unauthorized memory, bypassing security checks. It is possible that this could lead to disclosing unauthorized data to an attacker or allow an attacker to run arbitrary code.

Thats what google said about the security vulnerability issue chrome had till yesterday. Well thats not funny and its dangerous like google said,

SeverityHigh. An attacker might be able to run arbitrary code within the Google Chrome sandbox.

There were some minor security bugs but that was the most dangerous thingy google had. But Mozilla security team found the vulnerability and informed google as they said in this google’s official blog post.
Chrome (click to download for Windows) fixes the issues and another medium-severity issue. Once Chrome is installed, it retrieves updates automatically and applies them when people restart the browser. So don’t need to panic now 😉 and install the latest patch that’s it but normally chrome will automatically do it for you.
Personally I recommend Firefox as usual 😛
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