GTX 690 can be converted in to Tesla K10 or Quadro K5000 by a simple resister mod

by Ruchira on March 19, 2013

What if you can convert the $999 Nvidia GTX 690 in to a $3000 Tesla K10 ? or $1750 Quadro K5000? Yes you can. hacker community is blown up today thanks to a Australian hacker who found out a very easy way to do that. Engineering and manufacturing any kind of processor is really expensive and hardware vendors like to keep the costs down by making one model and then striping down the abilities of it and making different versions by using the same model. It turns out that this logic also applies to Nvidia.

You can convert the GTX 690 to work as Quadro K5000 or Tesla K10 by simply modding a resister on the cards main board.



gtx-690 -resister




These resisters control the PCI Device ID which the card reports to the computer and changing it allow the card to be identified as the K10 or K5000. K5000 has the same GPU as GTX690 and even its single processor as opposed to dual on GTX690.  So you can change your card in to either of those and install the drivers. Note that this hack wont make the card to be any faster than GTX690 really is.  Drivers are the player here, you will be able to install Tesla and Quadro drivers and it will behave like it. like shown below








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