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by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

I have being switching web hosts for this blog all the time to get the most of it. You can see the spirit if you browse my other topics about web hosting reviews. Yes I have been grounded by exams for past 4 months and I didnt had internet on that time. Before that this blog was hosted on burstnet vps. You guys know that hosting on VPS takes attention because we need to watch the changes to see if there are any problems on the unmanaged server.

Like said its a hassle to host on VPS or dedicated server for past 3 months because I never knew what happened on that time. So I decided that I need to go for managed shared hosting for ease. And took a look at webhostingtalk to select a nice and cheap shared web host. I thought for going with lightspeed server platform is the best choice because not only I wanted speed loading but also curious to see how it performs.


Lightspeed is very fast compared to apache and now its the latest trend to run litespeed by shared hosts. So after reading some reviews I thought I should choose Hawkhost I saw that was a professional looking host on the main page and decided to give it a try.

After few hours later I recieved the confirmation and account info email. Then I begun to upload files and I saw its very fast when uploading to server. Hawkhost’s guys use latest server hardware available in the planet to serve their users. Their Dual Quad Core Xeon E5520 and 15K SAS drives impressed me. Now Im using hawkhost for past 3 months and I must say thats amazing and I didn’t even had a minor downtime.And another best thing is they didnt hide anything from public I mean they publish all the glitches,downtime,Upgrades on their forums.

My pages loads fast ( You can clearly see) their support guys helped me to clarify some wordpress issues and they are very helpful. Their live chat is not available most of the time but they are responding to support tickets very fast. Overall my experience is nice and I must say that Ill stay with hawkhost shared hosting till my site grow up for dedicated hosting.


  • Litespeed Platform
  • Extreme Server Hardware
  • Cool support guys
  • Cheap
  • Reliable
  • Informative
  • Fast ticket response
  • Best shared host that I found in my journey


  • Not any for past 3 months but if they provide 24 hour live chat support thats great!

Thats it folks go ahead and by from hawkhost I told you!

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