Most epic facebook profile Hopp-Dogg YO!

by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

Few days ago I have found a great facebook profile of the no1 rapper emerging from India well he claims that. Although his rap lyrics seems nice. So I just thought to share his profile with you! His nick name is Hopp-Dogg its listed on twitter!


Some of his rap lyrics on facebook –

Bioim hopesh from Patna im cool and very stylish man from Patna i like Patna .i am a rapper….hip-hop n classical rap both….

nowa days every bodys r liking me very much…. copying me very much… i am become the most famous rapper to emerge from india..

Happy diiwali plees dont go child near crackers it become harmful for child

Also Happy crismast to you ..may santaclase gift u a gift 2 u

This is crismast time ..yo
hopesh likes soda lime …yo
evreebody says santa coming..yo
hopesh says ..Ghanta coming…yo
i rap santa claps..says ho ho ho… but no…yo yo yo is better….yo

😀 No im not joking here is the link for facebook profile-

His twitter profile–

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