My hosting journey

by Ruchira on December 2, 2010

I have hosted on many places until now. Lessons learned and things changed. Early times I didnt had money to buy hosting account so went with

1. 000webhost


Actually good alternative if you dont have money to buy paid hosting. I have hosted Ruchirablog there for about a month. Not bad for free hosting.

2. Dreamhost


On that times dreamhost had a promotion to give out a free domain and free hosting account for a year for $9.99 it was blessing for me and I have moved to dreamhost immediately. Believe me I n ever bothered to backup my data for whole year and dreamhost worked like a charm without giving nightmare of losing data. Read my 1 year review here.

3.Keyweb Germany


Those times I have started proxy hosting business And bought my own 4GB RAM OpenVZ VPS and deployed Kloxo there and also moved this blog to that proxy hosting server. It was nice experience and the service was excellent.I have pushed 300GB a day with my proxyhosting biz.

4. BurstNET


I was busy because of some brutal exams and decided to close out my proxyhosting business after sending out a notice to clients few months before closeout. Then I have got 512MB RAM openvz vps from burstnet to handle Ruchirablog and one of my proxy site got 2000 visitors a day. And I didnt had any problems with them you can read my review here

5. Hawkhost


Remember I said I got 2000 visitor a day proxysite? Proxy site traffic is very unreliable because when sites becomes famous they gets automatically blocked buy web filters of user end. So I lose that huge traffic after few months. And Exams was to start soon. So I have decided to move my blog to shared hosting server with backup solution with RAID so I can forgot the risk of monitoring vps servers. Stayed few months with hawkhost you can read my review here

6. Linode

I got a sponsor for hosting this blog its I have chosen linode because they have data centers in London which gives fast latency to my visitors from Asia and so far so great thanks to net4ever . Actually net4ever servers are great but I have choose linode because they have daily backup options so I dont need to make backups daily 🙂 So far so great with linode. And Ill never move hosts again. Im very impressed with linode performance with XEN. And also I ll never move to openvz instead of xen.

Take my word for linode and if you got your mind to try linode use my referral code when you purchasing. You can get best performance on linode while helping me to get some credits. Order here

I'm Ruchira Sahan and all posts on this blog are completely my thoughts and writings. I love DIY and Technology. So feel free to contact me for anything about this blog and don't forget to add a comment if this blog helped you! Thanks
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1 Hasitha Prabhath August 17, 2011 at 10:34 PM

I like to know about your social networking website. If you like to share your website(s) with us pls mention in this blog.



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