How to add external mic to Galaxy Camera, SIII and Note 2

by Ruchira on January 2, 2013

Adding an external microphone to your Galaxy Camera, SIII , Note 2 is much easier than you thought, thanks to an interesting discovery by Adam outler on XDA developers. New Galaxy S series devices has the wolfsen microeletronics audio processing chip which is proven to have astonishing audio quality and plethora of options.



To connect external microphone to your Galaxy your mic should have impedance over 1000Ohms. You just need to have a samsung earbuds so you can cut the 3.5mm jack of it, and as you can see on the pinout diagram above you can connect your microphone to pin 1 and 2 , if your mic’s impedance is more than 1000Ohms it will just work.

Your Galaxy S device will only recognize the mic if the impedance is more than 1000Ohms this is because its programmed to trigger the mic option if the pin 1 and 2 detects over 1000Ohms


If you already have a mic you can find the impedence by reading its manual, Or if you intend to buy new one you can choose a one which is over 1000ohms. If you already have one and impedence is below 1000Ohms don’t worry just add a resister to make it over 1000Ohms and you are done 🙂

Head over to XDA-Developers original post to find out more

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1 Rene Oelers June 21, 2013 at 4:18 AM

Hi, can you recommend any external microphone to use on my S3? that does good recordings on live music?



2 Ruchira June 21, 2013 at 5:06 AM

Whats the price range that are you looking for?


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