How to change refresh rate on Ubuntu

by Ruchira on November 29, 2012

Setting refresh rate is missing on Ubuntu under appearance settings. But with just simple terminal command, you can set the refresh rate and resolution. Open up Terminal ( Go to dash home and type “Terminal” to find it and click to open )

xrandr -s 1920x1200 -r 75

Command is shown above. On that 1920×1200 is the resolution. Adjust that with your expectations, and the 75 is the refresh rate you can also adjust that accordingly.

Problem with this is when you reboot your computer, this will reset to the prior default settings. We can run this command on startup automatically to avoid this problem.

To add this command to startup programs go to Dash Home and type “startup ” and open up the “Startup applications” and click “Add”



You can give it a name as shown above and click “add” to save it. Thats it you are done 🙂 Next time when you log in, this preferred screen resolution and refresh rate will be set automatically.

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