How to install Ubuntu updates without restarting

by Ruchira on March 11, 2013

Ever heard about Ksplice? Its a great addon to install Linux kernel updates and patches without rebooting the system. Ksplice is a gem for people who run servers because they can install critical updates without rebooting the host. Well if you are used to run latest kernels from the sources, thanks to recent security issues and rapid updates of linux kernel you will need lot of reboots if not for a thing like ksplice. Unfortunately ksplice is purchased by oracle and now it isn’t free anymore.

However Ksplice is still free for use on Ubuntu desktop. Well you might ask why a desktop user might want to go re-bootless on a desktop or laptop. Well just because we can 🙂 Or you might find many other uses such as file servers or maybe even web servers running on Ubuntu desktop  version.


ksplice for ubuntu



using Ksplice is easy just head over to and download the specific .deb file for your Ubuntu version. Double clicking on it will direct you to simple installation within Ubuntu software center. And that’s it. Just run Ksplice uptrack manager after installation and it will present you with available updates for your system. See the screenshot below. Sorry my system was full updated when I was taking the screenshot so its empty.


ksplice  uptrack ubuntu




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