How to make your own VPN for less than $2 a month

by Ruchira on November 22, 2012

If you want to access blocked web sites on your country or if you want to get US only services like Hulu,Netflix,Pandora from anywhere in the world, best solution is to get in to a good US based proxy or tunnel your traffic via VPN, I have explained the first option here. Building a proxy is easy but VPN allows more natural and fast traffic flowing than using a proxy. There are many VPN providers on the interwebs but they are costly more than $5 a month and speeds aren’t cool as you might think. Its because those resources are shared by many users. Creating a a VPN server with OpenVPN can be considered hard for an average user,

On this guide I’m going to explain how I built my own VPN server with just few mouse clicks without ever touching the command line and best of all it cost me $15 for a year, yes that you read it right $15 for a year. And I got a dedicated IP , 500GB of monthly guaranteed bandwidth for that price.

The secret ingredient to achieve this, is a linux VPS ( Virtual private server ) and for $15 a year you can get one from . BuyVM is considered as a well reputed company for many years and they were the first to introduce $15 a year VPS plans to the world, And years later they are still offers those even though most of other providers who tried to achieve that price point has long gone.

1. Get the VPS ready

BuyVM has limited supply of stock, currently at the time of writing this, its long gone, but keep your eye on here . This is the BuyVM’s dedicated site to inform you about their stocks, We need the smallest plan which costs $15 a year and offers 128MiB Ram , 500GB bandwidth , dedicated IP on OpenVZ virtualization platform, There are 2 locations to choose from, Just get one as far as stocks concerned. After you ordered it might take like 24 hours to get the account verified and after that they will send you the login information for the VPS control panel.

Log on to the control panel and navigate to re-install OS




This is the easy part with BuyVM, for other providers even if you able to get a VPS for same price point, installing and configuring OpenVPN is considerably hard. But BuyVM provides you pre-built OS template which got OpenVPN access server preinstalled.

On the Reinstall OS page, navigate to “Appliances” sub-tab and you will find the OpenVPN-AS template.



Choose that option and click “Reinstall” . This will take few minutes and you can see whether its complete by visiting the home page of control panel. That’s it for server part

You can visit yourip:943/admin as mentioned above on openvpn template and change your passwords and to access many other features.

Download OpenVPN client and connect

To access this VPN tunnel we need to have a client software installed on our side, You can download client software from here .

After you install it, just enter your BuyVM VPS IP address and click connect, then it will prompt for username and password, on there enter your given username and password ( on default its user-openvpn pass-openvpn ). 2 separate users can connect like this at same time as this is the paid version for OpenVPN and it only lets 2 users in, if you want more users to let in, you have to pay for license

Thats it ! Enjoy unrestricted content or US based services for just $15 year with guaranteed resources 🙂

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