How to Mount android phone’s memory as a disk drive via wifi

by Ruchira on July 5, 2011

Have you ever wondered about a great feature which lets you to copy photos,videos,music and stuff wirelessly to your phone while you are on home or work? I know that now you will think about bluetooth file transfer 😛 but its so slow can even think about copying a movie to your phone from your pc.

If you have a Android handset and Wifi connection on your pc you are lucky. I’m going to show you are very easy way which I found about 10 minutes ago to mount your phone’s internal memory and external SD card via wifi on your windows Vista or 7 PC.

It simply means that you can access your phone memory just like you access it when you plug USB cable in mass storage mode. Yes in this method the memory will show up as a drive on your pc which you can behave like you are accessing it on mass storage mode! So lets get to the topic,

What you need-

Just install that app and setup it. Here are my install screenshots

Note- If you are running Android Froyo on your phone change the default path as shown in the right corner picture “/mnt/sdcard/” leave the default one for gingerbread.  After giving a user name and password of your choice press Save and Start

Now it will show you the wifi url and you can visit it on your PC’s web browser visit the url and when it asks for user name and password give your predefined username and password on it. You can use any kind of computer which is on your network for this because its just a FTP url and its accessible via any FTP supported web browser on your network.

And as final step lets move on to mounting this as a drive on your windows pc.

  1. Right click on the My Computer icon on your pc and chose the “Map Network Drive..” option.

2.  Then you will get a window like this and on it click highlighted thing on red

Then you will be asked to complete a simple wizard and it will ask for your wifi url, username and password you defined. And now you are complete.

Final result-

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1 Udara February 4, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Thanks mate. It’s working like a charm. In my case I used FileExpert. A all in one file manager with lots features + Nice UI ++++. Thanks


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