How to setup name servers with godaddy

by Ruchira on September 23, 2010

Ok, This post is a part of my upcoming post about setting up DNS with kloxo. I know most of guys know about doing this but I thought I should write this for newbies. So lets begin,

If you host your website on shared host like dreamhost they will give you name servers like NS1.DREAMHOST.COM , NS2.DREAMHOST.COM , NS3.DREAMHOST.COM actually adding only 2 of those name servers are enough and those name servers doesn’t need to be in capital letter you can use what you prefer!

So this is not a post about how add name servers its about how to setup your own name servers for your VPS or dedicated Server. Like NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM and NS2.YOURNAME.COM So you need to add host name (like adding name servers but need your ip address to setup) on godaddy.

If you browse godaddy control panel you will see a box to add host in the below of page-


You can see that I have already added some records to the box but ignore it if you still didnt setup your hosts and click “Add”

Then you will be presented a box to add host names like this! Take a brief look I have added NS1 and one of my ip ( If you have multiple ips add them to it. Also you are good with single ip) Like this add your second Host name as NS2 and add a ip. Also if you have single ip for your server and added it for NS1 its ok add the same one for NS2 –


After adding these host names (Name servers) You are done with the work with registrar. Now you need to configure the name servers on your server side! So this it folks!

If you are using kloxo wait for my next post and its about configuring name servers with kloxo!


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1 Ramesh June 14, 2013 at 11:43 PM

Are you sure it is ok if you have only 1 ip? I tried with 1 ip and not working. Any suggestion?


2 Ruchira June 15, 2013 at 6:53 AM

yes of course. 1 IP works just fine


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