Instagram launches 15 second Videos and Twitter isn’t happy

by Ruchira on June 21, 2013

Vine has gained lots of loyal users since it started just few months ago. Vine isn’t really a ground braking concept but surprisingly its now used by many users worldwide. Personally I think 6 seconds isn’t enough for a video. Instagram has definitely felt the need to do something like Vine and today it launched its own 15 second video sharing option.

Android and IOS app update is already available to download and other than the video sharing feature, the interface hasn’t changed much. Surprisingly you cant view videos full screen. As you know same applies for the Instagram photos so I doubt that this will get solved anytime soon. Video is something that I would like to view full screen. Instagram video has 13 filters available and it looks really nice. However your videos will need little bit of time to process depending on the performance of your smartphone.

Twitter which is the owner of Vine might be really upset about this news and they are sending mass emails to twitter users about Vine right now. So go ahead and update your Instagram app and enjoy the 15 second videos 🙂

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