How to install Viber on PC or Mac

by Ruchira on May 7, 2013


Whatsapp is dominating the mobile market. I have used both but immediately fell in love with Viber because of its free call function unlike Whatsapp which is only a instant messaging service. I have wrote how you can install Whatsapp on PC but getting Viber to run on an Android emulator is nightmare.

Fear no more, Viber has just released both PC and Mac native applications just for you. Just visit to download. Its free as always and I have tested the Mac version and its awesome. Design is sleek and even it lets you to take video calls. And it also has some cool features such as transffering calls to desktop from your mobile device.

Messages sync instantly on your desktop and mobile device. And also Viber has released updated version of its Android app today which brings a total UI redesign. Old Viber app was slow and sometimes it wont connect but they say most of the problems have been addressed on this update. I have installed the update however I didn’t had a chance to use it much to detect and problems. Viber for our desktops is a much nice addition and I hope it will give Skype some nice competition because currently Skype’s mobile apps are horrible.

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