Introduction to DNS systems.

by Ruchira on February 26, 2010

What do you mean by DNS? Simple answer is Domain Name Servers. How they work?

Well the best choice to explain this is telephone directories. Imagine that you wan to call some one and you know his/her name but not telephone number. So you need a telephone directory to find his/her number. So you can flip the papers of the directory and search for his name and then find the telephone number you need to know.

DNS service acts same like the telephone directory in your home. When you type or any web site address in your browser Internet service need to find the ip of the server where situated. So your computer makes request to find the ip address of the from DNS servers. So DNS servers gets the request and then forward us the ip of the web site you need to go.This process works inside of your computer network so you dont get any visuals of ips.

Typically  Internet Service Providers operate their own DNS servers for their customers. They are automatically assigned to your computer if you not manually edit DNS options in your computers network settings. But you can change DNS servers if you like to get more accurate and fast web browsing.

Imagine if your telephone directory is old and un-arranged it takes more and more time to find the phone number. Like the same process the quality of your ISPs DNS server directly affect your web browsing speed. This doesnt means the downloading speed.Slow download and upload speeds doesnt mean your DNS bad.

Come again to the theory of the telephone directory. When you have un-arranged directory it takes more time but it doesnt affect the quality of the call that you make to other party. If you have well arranged telephone directory it takes seconds to find the telephone number but you gets the same quality of the call like previously said.

Bad DNS servers makes slight delay when you request for a web site.

In my next post Ill explain how to optimize your DNS system to be more accurate and Ill do a brief benchmark of newly introduced Google DNS system. SO wait……………….

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