LNMP0.5RB released!

by Ruchira on November 3, 2010

Nginx is claimed to me fastest web server software in the world. Most of people still use apache because ease of use and most of popular server control panels like cpanel is supporting apache. Apache is great web server if configured properly but its unstable,little bit memory and cpu hungry than nginx.

Unfortunately control panels for nginx like cpanel for apache is not available yet. So people needs to configure it by issuing SSH commands. Like working on DOS without windows 7.

A Chinese web developer called “Licess” wrote a nice script which installs and configure nginx for non tech savvy users. its official web page is www.lnmp.org and its free.

One disadvantage of that script is it doesnt install latest version of nginx (for now latest is 0.8.53) it installs legacy stable version. Actually its not major disadvantage but people kept asking for latest version. So I decided to modify his great script little bit to use the latest and greatest version of nginx. I call my modified script as LNMP0.5RB and original version is LNMP0.5 .

Whole credits goes for licess as original developer. And you can find the details about my modified installer script here- https://www.ruchirablog.com/nginx-autoinstaller/

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