My favorite android apps of 2012

by Ruchira on December 27, 2012

Since 2012 is nearing the end, I thought I should write about my favorite Android apps of 2012. This list consists of apps which I use daily basis on my Galaxy SIII and does its job like I wanted it to be.

1.  Poweramp



I totally love the inbuilt music player which comes with Galaxy S series phones, I have been a user of Galaxy S,SII in the past and the included Samsung music player is great with Galaxy SIII its no exception, its the most beautiful and easy to use inbuilt music player out there. But when I was looking at Top paid charts of google play I found the Poweramp player. Interface didn’t looked better but when reading all the positive comments made me curious, And I gave the free trial a try. Immediately I fell in love with the Audio quality and the flexibility of adjusting EQ’s on Poweramp. Playlist management and things aren’t that great but if you have good quality earbuds and ears seeking quality this is the music player that you want to go with.

Full trial – Google play  Full version purchase – Google play

2. MX Player


MX player is my favorite video player on Android apart from the stock touchwiz video player. I like its simplicity and the responsiveness. Even though free version has ads, I didn’t saw anything annoying on it. And I have yet to find out a file format which isn’t playable by MX Player.

Full trial – Google play  Pro version purchase – Google play

3.  Mightytext


Mightytext is a free app which lets you to text from a computer ( or any web browser ) via your android phone.  If you spend most of the time in front of your PC and need to communicate with people via SMS you might find its boring to pickup the the phone and type then put it away, use the computer and the then pickup the phone and type bla bla blah…  or even you may prefer your computer’s full size keyboard to type text messages, mighttext offers you a great solution to ease your life by syncing your Android phone’s SMS with your PC or mac. For information read my review on mightytext here 

Free on Google play


4. WellFTP server


WellFTP server is a free app on google play which lets you to run a FTP server on your android phone. Its very easy to use and within a one click you can get it started. Awesome tool when you want to get files transferred in or out to your computer on a emergency.

Free on Google play


5. Dropbox



I couldn’t live without dropbox its just awesome because of that I didn’t even bothered to use Google drive. I’m using the Camera upload feature which uploads every pic you take automatically and it just works. I got 50GB of space for free when i got my Galaxy SIII for 2 years and I don’t regret to pay for it after that term ends.

Free on Google play 


6. Go SMS pro



Go SMS pro is a sms app which you can use to replace the stock messaging app. Its free and it doesn’t have any ads or anything. SMS notifications are awesome and this is one of app I cant live without

Free on Google play 


7. SMS backup and restore



SMS backup and restore is a must have app if you are installing custom roms time to time or using hanging phones frequently. It lets you to backup all your text messages to a single .xml file and then restore with just few taps on any device. Trust me I have used this for more than 10 times and it worked great

Free on Google play


So on this I have covered my 7 favorite apps of 2012, There are more apps which I do like and use by daily basis such as instagram,facebook etc. But I thought those are too mainstream to write about. So guys this is it 🙂

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