Mysql Dumper, backup and restore mysql databases with ease

by Ruchira on November 5, 2012

If you work on servers you might probably know bigdump  which is used to restore the mysql databases without using the shell, Bigdump is a life saver when you don’t have access to shell or when you are a noob. But dont get me wrong it has its own troubles too, such as handling database extended inserts etc.

Mysql dumper is a genius piece of software. Its built to work around the common problems which you face on bigdump and it even adds great options to the mix and the best thing is ITS FREE


And also mysql dumper solves the PHP max execution time problem which results on cut off’s on middle because of limited execution time for php processes,  with its own technology as their web site states

MySQLDumper uses a proprietary technique to avoid this problem. It only reads and saves a certain amount of data, then calls itself recursively via JavaScript and remembers how far in the backup process it was. The script then resumes backing up from that point.

The restore process is similar. Unlike other tools, splitting and splicing of large backup files is no longer necessary.

MySQLDumper can write the data directly into a compressed .gz file. The restore script is able to read this file directly without unpacking it. You can also use the script without compression, but using Gzip saves a lot of bandwidth. You can even configure the script to automatically send the backup file to an FTP account or your email adress.


Installation is straight forward, you just upload the files and set the database information and it just works. And it has all the ingredients which a good sql tool should have  such as ability to email you a backup of your database, create/delete databases, run queries, sql browser . You can head over to to grab it,

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