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by Ruchira on October 11, 2010

Recently Net4Ever CEO contacted me about reviewing their shared hosting service after trying for some months because he said most customers thinks that its oversold because the low price. But I don’t had time for reviewing shared hosting because all of my sites require more than shared hosting.Those times I was needed a VPS for try out one of my new project. So I asked Branko (CEO of Net4Ever) that if he can supply VPS I can write a review after sometime. So he agreed to provide a vps for 6 months of testing. And he asked which location that I want to place my VPS. He offers 2 locations Germany,USA and 3 data centers in USA Softlayer Data center. I thought I must try Germany for my new project because Germany gives me low latency that USA data centers. The setup was instant and I received login details in less than a minute.

The VPS control panel is FluidVM and its very nice stable control panel these days.

And the initial expressions was great because there are many OS install options to choose from.

  • AltLinux 2006.09.14 – 32 bit
  • Arch Linux 2006.09.14 – 32 bit – RemoteDektop (NX)
  • Arch Linux 2010.05 – 32 bit
  • Arch Linux 2010.05 – 64 bit
  • CentOS 5 – 32 bit
  • CentOS 5 – 32 bit – Kloxo
  • CentOS 5 – 64 bit
  • CentOS 5 – 64 bit – cPanel
  • Debian 5 – 32 bit
  • Debian 5 – 32 bit – Minimal
  • Debian 5 – 64 bit
  • FedoraCore 12 – 32 bit
  • FedoraCore 12 – 64 bit
  • FedoraCore 12 – 64 bit – RemoteDektop (NX)
  • openSUSE – 64 bit
  • Slackware 13 – 32 bit
  • Ubuntu 10.04 – 32 bit
  • Ubuntu 10.04 – 32 bit – RemoteDektop (NX)
  • Ubuntu 9.04 – 32 bit
  • Ubuntu 9.04 – 64 bit
  • Ubuntu 9.10 – 32 bit
  • Ubuntu 9.10 – 64 bit

Yes that’s lots of options. And this is the first time that I ever seen this much of OS install options. I choose Centos 32bit kloxo for my project. And using it since and i must say that I never seen any downtime. Network speed is great. Most of people use Linux bench to benchmark the linux systems. But I’m using a different method 😛 . Even the CPU and RAM works nice the main thing affect for your VPS is Network speeds because even you have 8GB RAM in your system if the network cant provide good stability and speeds the performance will be poor.

So I ran Torrentflux to inspect what kind of network speeds that I can utilize all the times. I think running torrentflux is the best way to monitor the network performance for long time. And yes this is illegal in United states servers and most of webhosts. I hope Net4Ever won’t be angry because I ran torrentflux but its some kind of way that I test performance of servers. And I ran torrentflux with private torrent tracker for 72Hours uploading and downloading consistently.

The best thing is I was able to get more than 5MB/s (yes its MB/s not Mbps) in both direction uploading and downloading all the time! Its damn great speeds because their main node on 1Gbps port.


  • You can get nice network speeds with
  • Many OS templates to be choose from
  • 100% of uptime for 2 months of my testing period
  • Nice support from Net4Ever team
  • Many Data Centers and locations to choose from


  • Do not run torrentflux on VPS because it might hurt other users in the same node
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1 eSupun October 15, 2010 at 3:45 PM

5MB/s is not really a good speed on a 1Gbps port. I get about 20MB/s in my dedi from 100MBps port at


2 Ruchira October 15, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Actually 5MB/s is nice speeds for VPS because its not like dedicated because there are many VPS build in dedicated server and resources are divided!


3 Robin Houtevelts November 14, 2010 at 2:10 PM


5MB/s is not really a good speed on a 1Gbps port. I get about 20MB/s in my dedi from 100MBps port at [SPAM]

So, have I finally met God? .. It has to be! U are the only one capable of performing such miracles.
Transferring 160mbps on a 100mbps line. Very remarkable indeed.

For non-geeks:
20mbyte/sec is equal to 160mbit/sec
1byte = 8bits.


4 Ruchira November 14, 2010 at 8:50 PM

Gotcha! 😛


5 zezaku December 25, 2011 at 2:34 PM

u have to review this post because Net4Ever dosent exist anymore


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