Next time you spam be creative like this

by Ruchira on October 18, 2010

As a typical blogger I receive some reasonable amount of spam on my comments queue. This blog is fairly small but so its not a huge problem for me.

But for a blogger who owns a blog getting thousands of visitors a day they will be facing problems of managing the spam and comments. I receive about 10 spam comments a day most of them are rubbish and I dont know why spammers use 100s of words for their spam like this-

lol spam

Such kind of spams very easy to caught and about all of them gets caught as a spam on wordpress. If you are using wordpress you might be probably using akismet to filter spams on your comments queue. Akismet does nice job catching spams. But few creative spams ends on my blog uncaught.

But you have to be creative when spamming and if you do you can get some success because about 75% of wordpress blogs unmaintained after creation and they don’t bother to update their akismet or other spam filter plugins so bit of creative spams end on comments on blog post. I’m also receiving few creative spams every week and here are some screenshots of them.

I have pictured 5 spam comments on this and 1 (first image) of them didnt caught on akismet and ended on my comment moderation queue.

creative spam
creative spam wordpress
creative caught on akismet

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