Nvidia Shield is now available for pre-order

by Ruchira on May 17, 2013


“Shield” is the Nvidia’s approach to the handheld gaming market. Few minutes ago Nvidia has announced the pre-order availability. Nvidia Shield is now available to pre-order from NewEgg , GameStop and Nvidia’s own web store for just $349.99. Release data is mentioned as 06/04/2013

Shiled concept is not ground braking at all, Its just an Android gaming device but the bright side is that it will attract many game developers than for the small Android game device manufacturers. Also Nvidia Shield is one of the first devices to use Nvidia’s latest  Tegra 4 processor and here are some specifications listed on Newegg,

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Quad Core Mobile Processor with 2GB RAM

5 inch 1280×720 Multi-Touch Retinal Quality Display

Integrated Stereo Speakers with Built-in Microphone

16GB Flash Memory

Lid color

802.11n 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 3.0

mini-HDMI output
micro-USB 2.0
microSD storage slot
3.5mm stereo headphone jack with microphone support

Motion Sensors
3 Axis Gyro
3 Axis Accelerometer

28.8 Watt Hours

Operating System
Android Jelly Bean OS

It would be nice if the display is 1080P comparing with the latest standards but game devices are normally held at a distance where you cant notice any difference between 720P and 1080P and battery and resource usage will be lower with 720P as well. So really cant blame Nvidia for that.

Looking at the released photos, it looks like its running stock version of Android jelly bean. Tegra Zone is added to download games from Nvidia’s own Tegra specific store. Shield has the potential to be a successful gaming console but only the time will tell fore sure.

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