How to add contacts to Bluestacks App player

by Ruchira on August 21, 2012

No option to add contacts is a major problem which people face when using Bluestacks app player. Specially when running programs like whatsapp on bluestacks app player, you need to have a contacts list in order to chat with them. When using youwave to run whatsapp  this is not a problem because its a general android emulator which includes all the default android functions like dialer and contacts.  But Bluestacks app player is different than youwave and it doesn’t include contacts app by default.

A lot of people who read my guide about installing whatsapp on PC with bluestacks app player . Asked me about how to add contacts to app player to use those with whatsapp. On this guide I’m going to explain the most easy way to do this by using android app “Go contacts EX”

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Whatsapp for PC

by Ruchira on August 14, 2012

Looking for Mac guide? its here

On one of my previous guide I have explained you guys how to install and setup whatsapp on pc by using an android emulator called youwave. That article seems very popular and read by more than 500 people daily on this blog.

However there is one constrain on that method. It is that youwave is a commercial software and the free version only lasts for 7 days as I explained there. But you could always uninstall and reinstall after 7 days to get it working for 7 days more.

But now there is this software called bluestacks app player. Which emulates android apps better than youwave and most of all its free.

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Adsense reporting system is down

by Ruchira on July 19, 2012

If you are a google adsense user and if you logged in to your adsense account right now you can see all of your stats went missing like this



Even the “All time” adsense earnings are missing from the main page. Only stats available are “Next payment” and “Most recent payment”. Problem seemed to origin about 20 minutes ago and before the stats went missing the counters were freezed for few hours. This looks like some kind of wide spread problem and likely will be resolved soon.


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Instagram’s first photo

by Ruchira on July 19, 2012

2 days ago instagram revealed their very first photo published on their ever popular  instagram photo sharing platform.

This was published on about 2 years ago and about 3 months prior to the public release of instagram. It was posted by “kevin systrom” the cofounder and CEO of instagram, as a test image naming it  ‘codename’ . Now the facebook owned site is 50 million users strong and they have shared over a billion photos on instagram.

here is the link to the original image –


If you want to block certain countries from accessing your web site, there are many workarounds. The most popular and worst method is blocking by IP ranges. But this isn’t a effective solution because of the IP range allocations changes day by day and its almost impossible to find IP range data base of a big country for example like China.  And even if you did that, it will slow down your server drastically because even the ranges are too high and iptables software on your server will have to crosscheck every users IP addresses from the blocked range database resulting in slow response times and increased server load.

Config Server Firewall ( CSF ) firewall is a most feature rich software firewall available for linux and it integrates with WHM ( Web Host Manager Cpanel) very easily, enabling loads of configurable options at your disposal.  Installing this is very easy when compared to options it has and this provides GUI to control the options on WHM

In my case I wanted to block China from accessing a web site because we were receiving fairly large amount of SPAM registrations from Chinese IPs and our web site had no use for Chinese users as well. So in this guide I’ll explain how I blocked China ( same method goes for other countries/multiple countries as well ) from accessing our web site.

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I was building a vbulletin forum today and one of our requirement was to integrate vbulletin with our main web site which is built on wordpress.  Putting the whole forum on a iframe inside the web site is bulky and uncomfortable because vbulletin has too much controls.

And we wanted to do this simply by just showing the new threads on our pages and then users can click and go to the forum. When I was thinking about this first example which came in to mind was what linode was doing to display new forum posts on their community page, which is looks like this,





I have discovered that best way of achieving this by using RSS feeds. Sure there are many other ways to parse information to a php web site but that’s insecure and require some customized coding. In this guide I will explain how I did this simply by using RSS feeds and external.php feature on vbulletin

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I have lost some of my letters and parcels from ebay on past few weeks, So I have recently opted to receive my Google Adsense checks via “Secure Express Delivery” which is said to be secure and delivered by DHL express delivery which is really fast.Despite the cost of $25 which they charge for this service it was really worth it because of the issues I was having receiving things on normal post.

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Overheating? Control macbook pro fan!

by Ruchira on June 25, 2012

Is your macbook pro overheating? If you keep your macbook on your lap you might feel the burning sensation on your lap when running few resource heavy tasks like watching flash videos ( yes I found that makes our macbooks hotter than running any other program duh! ) . Typically macbooks are designed to be very quiet. So the fans only spin up at higher speeds if only the temperatures goes higher than say 60C. But thats enough to make the bottom of your macbook hotter.

If you want the fans to spin up at higher speeds even under the medium temperatures you can use a software called Extended Fan control .

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