instantserverRecently when I was lurking through Interwebs I have found this neat little service called which lets you to grab a linux virtual private server for 35 minutes. The instance is a Amazon EC2 micro which has 614MB of RAM , 8GB of storage and comes with Ubuntu 13.04.

You just need to click the “Get a free server” button and you will get the login details to your VPS instantly like shown on the screenshot above. As you can see that window also displays the time period on the bottom right and after the time is up, your data will be terminated. To keep it longer you have to pay them [click to continue…]


Vine has gained lots of loyal users since it started just few months ago. Vine isn’t really a ground braking concept but surprisingly its now used by many users worldwide. Personally I think 6 seconds isn’t enough for a video. Instagram has definitely felt the need to do something like Vine and today it launched its own 15 second video sharing option.

Android and IOS app update is already available to download and other than the video sharing feature, the interface hasn’t changed much. Surprisingly you cant view videos full screen. As you know same applies for the Instagram photos so I doubt that this will get solved anytime soon. Video is something that I would like to view full screen. Instagram video has 13 filters available and it looks really nice. However your videos will need little bit of time to process depending on the performance of your smartphone. [click to continue…]



Google Panda algorithm update mainly targets content farming techniques. For a moment forget about the content you stolen from other web sites. Do you know that your own content can affect your rankings because of misconfigurations of your script? For example if you run WordPress web site like I do, sometimes it exposes duplicate pages to google bot. /?replytocom , /?comments=true are a major headache to webmasters. You can check if your site has the same problem by searching this on Google inurl:replytocom

That will show all indexed pages with /?replytocom links. This severely affects your Google rankings because duplicates of same page will be indexed on Google search such as /abc , /abc/?replytocom , /abc/?comments=true

If you are using a SEO plugin like WordPress SEO you can set it not to index these links but if you already got those indexed, there is a way to remove this from Google Search. [click to continue…]


Theme up your Android with Mycolorscreen

by Ruchira on June 12, 2013


One of the advantages of Android over IOS is that you can theme Android, anyway you like. Even you could make it look like IOS, however that would be silly ūüôā . is basically a theme sharing web site. Theme creators and enthusiasts posts their home screens on mycolorscreen with information on what apps they used to create that theme and instructions on how you can replicate that on your Android smartphone.

If you visit mycolorscreen you can browse through many beautiful home screens and like I said, most of the users post clear instructions on achieving the same on your phone. UCCW Ultimate Custom Widget is the most popular app which is used to create the beautiful themes. UCCW has the ability to let you to import a zip file with configuration. So applying most of theme themes on mycolorscreen is easy as importing the provided zip file and adding icon packs to your launcher. If you have an Android phone definitely check out


PlayStation 4 Hardware analysis and Price

by Ruchira on June 11, 2013


Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 few hours ago at the E3 conference 2013.¬†I think it looks more appealing than the Xbox One and hardware wise there¬†aren’t¬†any huge improvements like PS3 had when comparing with PS2 but its acceptable. PS3 still handles ¬†great graphics without a glitch and PS4 is certainly has better hardware. PlayStation 3’s “Reality synthesizer” GPU delivered about 400 Gigaflops and PS4 GPU said to have 18 compute units and 1.84 Gigaflops of performance. So its about 450% times powerful than the PS3’s GPU.

PS4 features an AMD Jaguar architecture based X64 APU (¬†Accelerated¬†Processing Unit ) ¬†which¬†incorporates¬†CPU , GPU and also the memory controller on to a single chip package. Clock speed of the processor will be about 2Ghz but information about that is still unclear. Xbox One also features same processing architecture so this will make developers somewhat easier to support both platforms. PS4 takes lead in the RAM department because it features 8GB of GDDR5 RAM whereas Xbox One got GDDR3. Sure GDDR5 has advantages when thinking about the memory bandwidth but it has more latency when comparing with GDDR3, So¬†don’t¬†expect PS4 to be so much faster than the Xbox just because of the RAM. But its really nice to see Sony went with GDDR5 technology.¬† [click to continue…]

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How to enlarge private Facebook photos

by Ruchira on June 9, 2013


Have you ever wanted to view someones privacy protected¬†Facebook¬†profile pictures? Yes I’m talking about those small thumbnails which doesn’t enlarge like normal when you click on it because those pictures are marked as private. When you upload photos to facebook you can set the visibility to public, friends of you or just you. When I search about this I saw that this trick is not new but I have just found this myself when I was lurking through¬†Facebook¬†ūüôā [click to continue…]

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How to setup Amazon Route 53 DNS

by Ruchira on June 8, 2013

amazon-route-53Amazon offers many cloud services with their Amazon Web Services brand and Amazon Route 53 is the premium DNS services on AWS. Lots of interesting things can be done with Route 53 other than just hosting your records. Route 53 offers services such as DNS based load¬†balancing, DNS fail over, Health checks etc. Route 53 uses anycast technology to serve records to the users with minimum latency by routing the requests to the nearest server to the user. They have many DNS pop’s (point of presence) on various parts of USA,Europe and Asia so your visitors expect a little bit of a boost in loading speed of your sites. I have been using Linode’s own DNS service for the past 3 years for all of my web sites but since Route 53 is so cheap and promising thanks to anycast, I have decided to use Route 53 DNS for this blog. Here’s how I set it up¬† [click to continue…]


Content thieves and the Google Penguin

by Ruchira on June 2, 2013


Google’s penguin updates are really having an impact on genuine web sites. This own blog is just a one of those. Some day on last November, traffic dropped overnight about 50% and I’m seeing a strong decline since then. You might guess that I deserve it, well no I never purchased links or never went after building links manually. I always believed that the content is the king and if you write genuine and unique content your readers will link your content everywhere and you will get quality links automatically. 100% of links to this blog were achieved that way. And yet Google has¬†penalized¬†my web site and I have tried contacting them with reconsideration request but their answer was [click to continue…]