Ultra fast way to search for domains or names

by Ruchira on April 5, 2012

If you are in domain hunt or searching for a new name for your startup you might find searching for domains in the regular way is hard. And you might probably get tired by searching because of the enormous amount of .com s already registered.

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Yesterday Huawei released their newest mobile phone named Ascend D Quad. Whats inside the smartphone is Huaweis home grown K3V2 quad core powerhouse. Its the huawei’s flagship device which they are claiming its faster than any ARM processor in the market. Also they have released benchmarks saying its faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3 and the galaxy Nexus ( Its not surprising to see its faster than galaxy nexus TI OMAP ) . Also K3V2 is using 64bit RAM access architecture which is twice the Tegra 3’s 32bit channel.And the K3V2 has 16 graphics cores instead of 12 present on tegra 3.

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How to Install Whatsapp on PC

by Ruchira on February 22, 2012


Looking for Mac guide? its here https://www.ruchirablog.com/how-to-install-on-whatsapp-on-mac/

On one of my previous guide I have explained you guys how to install and setup whatsapp on pc by using an android emulator called youwave. That article seems very popular and read by more than 500 people daily on this blog.

However there is one constrain on that method. It is that youwave is a commercial software and the free version only lasts for 7 days as I explained there. But you could always uninstall and reinstall after 7 days to get it working for 7 days more.

But now there is this software called bluestacks app player. Which emulates android apps better than youwave and most of all its free.

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How get out from the yandex and opera blacklists!

by Ruchira on February 19, 2012

About 2 months ago my blog was listed on yandex search engine and opera browsers infected site blacklist.  You can read the post about it here – https://www.ruchirablog.com/opera-and-yandex-reports-blog-phishing-site/

But Google and other blacklist databases were reporting this blog as clean.  As all of you think it raised big question about accuracy of yandex,opera blacklist because even Google listed it as clean and my through virus scans revealed nothing.

Black listing on opera was a big problem because visitors using opera as their web browser weren’t able to access my site.  Opera and yandex uses same company Sophos for virus analysis and that’s why they both were reporting the same thing.  basically yandex is using sophos and opera is using yandex blacklist database. So I turned up to yandex and was able to fix the problem within a week.

I know most of you web masters have the same problem and even today when I was going through pending comments I saw a comment asking how to get around this problem.


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Self leveling Gyroscopic pool tables

by Ruchira on February 15, 2012

Moments ago I have stumbled across a video on youtube which shows a interesting pool table on the cruise ship “Radiance of the seas”. Playing pool on a normal pool tables on ship is just not possible because of the movements it makes when ship is riding through sea.


So what this special pool table does is, it balances itself with gravity by using gyroscope located inside it. I don’t know what kind of technique the table uses to move , it might be levers, springs or other kind of electro-mechanical method. I have searched on this but unable to find out the info.

This seems an interesting method to avoid sea sick. just sleep on top of table closing your eyes. its stable as you lying down on mother earths soil. lol

BTW checkout this interesting video



This will be a 2 part guide and this is part 1

What are the common mistakes that you make!

ever got your wordpress blog hacked? Well even my blog got hacked once 🙂 Take a look at the image on the top. From this simple how to guide, Im going to explain some little facts about the common mistakes that you make against security and if you got hacked some tips that you can use to remove the malicious stuff from your blog and get back to running condition.

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LNMP V0.8 The complete Nginx auto installer!

by Ruchira on January 1, 2012

I have published article about my modified nginx auto installer about little over a year ago. Which can be found here. Which got somewhat famous and counted over 1000 installs. The framework which I was used was came from a chinese developer called licess and the framework now has been evolved a lot and now we can count it as fully fledged auto installer.  It now includes latest nginx version ( Which lacked at the time which I modified the script to include the latest and greatest) . And also now it includes separately tweaked installers for debian, centos, and ubuntu, which I had on my modified installer since day one 🙂  So its nice to see that he baked 2 options which my modified installer had since day one.

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Opera and yandex reports my blog as phishing site!

by Ruchira on December 31, 2011

Update – Read this guide on how to get out if you have the same problem


It was not more than 2 days which yandex started to send me emails telling that my blog is infected by malware


Some of the pages on your website may pose a threat to your visitor’s computer security. The number of potentially harmful pages is 2.  You can view the details of our malware scan at http://yandex.com/infected?url=www.ruchirablog.com&l10n=en

And I got worried because yandex is a considerable source and started checking my blog for any type of infections such as index.php exploits (this happens about 95% of the time) and ran many virus checks to see any infections and nothing exciting was found.

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