Pagerank updates 2010

by Ruchira on November 5, 2010

page rank updates 2010

Well, Pagerank is rotting these days. People keeps asking when? this week? next week? And most of people including myself now begun to hate pagerank because BigG looks like too lazy to push the Big Red button to update page ranks.

Why I dont think google will just stop updating the pagerank,

  • Pagerank is one fact helps google to take over the internet 😀

Link sales 99% based on Pagerank no matter you get 10 visitors a day if you got PR5 you can earn money. Traffic is not the fact for links sales these days.


See how fast LNMP0.5RB with memcached

by Ruchira on November 4, 2010

I have done my full nginx setup guide any newbies can use this guide to install+configure all the necessary things to run their site within 30 minutes.

This blog runs on LNMP0.5RB setup on 512MB  XEN VPS additionally memcached is installed to cache database and objects.

Images hosted on amazon cloudfront to reduce disk usage and fast up page loads. Im not using CloudFront to server JS,CSS files or another things except images on posts. All CSS,and JS cached on memcached. You can use these guides to configure same setup like mine.

  1. Installing Nginx latest with all necessary components
  2. Integrating memcached to wordpress
  3. Using amazon to host your images

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How to setup DNS with godaddy

by Ruchira on November 4, 2010

This guide is about setting up your domain name to work with your vps or dedicated server remotely. It means without running DNS server like BIND,DJBdns locally on your server.

This guide is a part of LNMP0.5RB full web site setup guide!

You have little bit of a advantage of running your dns server remotely because it saves you some available ram on your server and allow you to easily setup failovers.So on this guide I’ll explain about setting up you domain on godaddy to work with LNMP0.5RB setup

You can use godaddy’s dns for free to point to your server. To do this you need to setup your domain to use godaddy’s DNS.

  1. Park your domain with godaddy

If you already setup your domains for use another name server ex- in this pic ns*
godaddy dns

You will see – Total DNS
Total DNS: (Not hosted here)

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How to upload files without FTP

by Ruchira on November 3, 2010

This post is also a guide to setup fully functional website with LNMP0.5RB

If you have SSH access to your vps or dedicated server you dont need to install FTP to upload your web site files to your server. You can use Filezilla to connect using SFTP to your server all you need to do is enter your ip address and root login details and also your SSH port on the filezilla port field.

filezilla port

You can use this method to upload files to your new LNMP0.5RB server so you dont need to install FTP deamon.

Your website directory is /home/wwwroot/ is you are using LNMP0.5RB setup!


LNMP0.5RB released!

by Ruchira on November 3, 2010

Nginx is claimed to me fastest web server software in the world. Most of people still use apache because ease of use and most of popular server control panels like cpanel is supporting apache. Apache is great web server if configured properly but its unstable,little bit memory and cpu hungry than nginx.

Unfortunately control panels for nginx like cpanel for apache is not available yet. So people needs to configure it by issuing SSH commands. Like working on DOS without windows 7.

A Chinese web developer called “Licess” wrote a nice script which installs and configure nginx for non tech savvy users. its official web page is and its free.

One disadvantage of that script is it doesnt install latest version of nginx (for now latest is 0.8.53) it installs legacy stable version. Actually its not major disadvantage but people kept asking for latest version. So I decided to modify his great script little bit to use the latest and greatest version of nginx. I call my modified script as LNMP0.5RB and original version is LNMP0.5 .

Whole credits goes for licess as original developer. And you can find the details about my modified installer script here-


500 Comments Passed! :)

by Ruchira on November 1, 2010


Today I have passed 500 approved (Not spam) comments mark since my first post. Its being a long journey and also lots of spam comments 😀 Akismet brave enough to catch up spams respectively. So Next post is little bit special its for celebrating 500 comments. So stay in touch.


Hmmm, Adsense publishers from around the world had very bad year! Can you remember the days that you got $2 per click every time? World Economic crisis *was hit adsense market on the past year very badly. 🙁 People including me got $0.01 clicks. That made the whole day bad! I didn’t targeted adsense very much but you can estimate the pain when we see $0.05 for 5 ad clicks because it used to be more than $5 a year or months ago.

But now the economic is growing and phase is good. Companies begun to earn profits again. And adsense looks recovering too. I can see adsense is coming to normal state since last few weeks. And it should be nice news for web masters but its not like it used to be in 2007 but nice changes.

I would love to hear your experience also in comments about this! So are you doing good these days?

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Dude please read it again!

by Ruchira on October 29, 2010

Take a look at that comments list! They are commented on my all the time top performer post “Unlocking Huawei modem for free”

I receive vast amount of traffic daily to that post! And I have written the whole procedure to unlock huawei HSDPA modems on that post. If you read it you will see it. And a part of it is calculating the unlock code for the specific huawei modem and the whole procedure is there.

But people keeps asking me how to calculate the unlock code and I recieve at least 2 comments daily asking the unlock code Finally I made the calculating part highlighted !

Why cant they calculate code themselves by reading the steps its briefly explained there?

Yes that’s my question. Answer it if you can!
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