My Favourite Whois checker tool

by Ruchira on October 22, 2010

Ok This might be not new thing to you. There are many whois checkers on internet to check the identity information and registration information of domain names. Most of them only provides domain registrant info and registration time period.
Other few provides some other information such as server information that the domain hosted etc. But the problem is most of those advanced whois checkers require to fill captcha form or filling some kind of identity form to check a domain. This is little bit boring and hard if you want to check many domains a day.

There is a handy tool to check all the domain registration information and hosted server information its provides great information about domain names. You can register there for free and then you can query unlimited amount of domains without filling Captcha puzzles or boring steps.

Only you have to do is add the domain name that you want to check after

Such as if you want to check whois info and server info you need to add after /

ex- and it will display all the data that external source can obtain.

ruchirablog whois
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Get Amazon EC2 instance free with ubuntu 10

by Ruchira on October 19, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat was released few days ago and yes I have upgraded my Lucid Lynx to Meerkat 2 days ago so now this blog runs on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick meerkat and I have dropped centos on all of my servers because ubuntu is great and stable.

So the news is now Ubuntu team is giving out free trial of Ubuntu 10 cloud on Amazon EC2 instance for 1 hour. Its great if you want to try out Ubuntu 10 and amazon EC2 cloud instance how ever you don’t get the abilities to scale up your cloud and amazon ec2 control panel access. You will get EC2 instance with 1.7GB of ram for 1 hour to try our things on EC2 cloud.

free amazon ec2

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Next time you spam be creative like this

by Ruchira on October 18, 2010

As a typical blogger I receive some reasonable amount of spam on my comments queue. This blog is fairly small but so its not a huge problem for me.

But for a blogger who owns a blog getting thousands of visitors a day they will be facing problems of managing the spam and comments. I receive about 10 spam comments a day most of them are rubbish and I dont know why spammers use 100s of words for their spam like this-

lol spam

Such kind of spams very easy to caught and about all of them gets caught as a spam on wordpress. If you are using wordpress you might be probably using akismet to filter spams on your comments queue. Akismet does nice job catching spams. But few creative spams ends on my blog uncaught.

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LOL mails October 2010

by Ruchira on October 17, 2010

I’m receiving lots of crazy emails about crazy things. So I have decided to share some of them with you for lol. Its too boring to write about tech everyday. So Im starting a new category for lol emails . This category will feature fancy tech related emails that I receive.

So here is the first lol mail.

google lol mail

{ 4 comments } problems

by Ruchira on October 17, 2010

Google’s most recent product url shortener released few weeks ago for public use. People love to use google services including me. Previously I have used and its great service because its user interface is great and provides details of how many users click the url and provides dashboard for members. But now is providing same functions.

So I have decided to try out instead of when shortening my urls for publishing on twitter.

twitter post

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LNMP 0.5 released! few upgrades

by Ruchira on October 11, 2010

LNMP ( Linux+Nginx+Mysql+PHP ) new version 0.5 was released few days ago. You might be already know that this blog runs on little bit modified LNMP 0.4 version. because of that I’m waiting to upgrade to latest version too. The latest version has minor nginx update to 0.7.67 while LNMP 0.4 has 0.7.65 . So nginx upgrade wasnt a huge one but it include major php upgrade to 5.2.14. The changelog says,

LNMP 0.5:

  • Upgrading to Nginx 0.7.67, MySQL to 5.1.48, PHP to upgrade to 5.2.14, PHPMyAdmin to upgrade to 3.3.7 Upgrading to Nginx 0.7.67, MySQL to 5.1.48, PHP to upgrade to 5.2.14, PHPMyAdmin to upgrade to 3.3.7
  • Nginx logs for security will be moved to / home / wwwlogs / below; Nginx logs for security will be moved to / home / wwwlogs / below;
  • Change the way 32-bit 64-bit identification; Change the way 32-bit 64-bit identification;
  • Add system time to adjust, to prevent errors caused compile time error; Increase the system time to adjust, to prevent errors caused compile time error;
  • Optimization eAccelerator installation; Optimization eAccelerator install programs;

So just few upgrades without PHP. Unfortunately there is no upgrade 0.4 to 0.5 script as promised in user forum (All in Chinese) And some people asked the author including me that if he is going to introduce upgrade script no no replies for any of us for now.

Ill inform you if he is happy to provide upgrade system for your lnmp 0.4 installation

And I have upgraded the install instructions to install the latest LNMP 0.5

{ 5 comments } VPS review

by Ruchira on October 11, 2010

Recently Net4Ever CEO contacted me about reviewing their shared hosting service after trying for some months because he said most customers thinks that its oversold because the low price. But I don’t had time for reviewing shared hosting because all of my sites require more than shared hosting.Those times I was needed a VPS for try out one of my new project. So I asked Branko (CEO of Net4Ever) that if he can supply VPS I can write a review after sometime. So he agreed to provide a vps for 6 months of testing. And he asked which location that I want to place my VPS. He offers 2 locations Germany,USA and 3 data centers in USA Softlayer Data center. I thought I must try Germany for my new project because Germany gives me low latency that USA data centers. The setup was instant and I received login details in less than a minute.

The VPS control panel is FluidVM and its very nice stable control panel these days.

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Fancy Itune spams

by Ruchira on October 6, 2010

Today I checked my spam box to find out any important emails caught as spam. Bummer I saw several Itune Store receipts came in to my spambox. Some of items on those receipts are valued than $500. I didn’t bought any of them but Im registered member of itunes store but not under this extension. Funny thing is any of those receipts doesn’t under my name and all the links mentioned like directs to spammers domain! not itunes 😛

itune spams