Apache 2.2 vs 2.4 What to choose on Cpanel?

by Ruchira on May 27, 2013

apache-2-4Apache 2.4 is the latest version of Apache web server. Apache 2.4 comes after a many years of constant Apache 2.2 development and according to Apache foundation, Apache 2.4 brings lots of new modules and enhancements to the 2.2. You can find details about Apache 2.4 change log here 

WHM Cpanel is the most popular server control panel available and they didn’t took much time bring Apache 2.4 support to Cpanel. Although its advertised as experimental and you shouldn’t use it for production environment just yet. You can upgrade to Apache 2.4.4 from the WHM’s Easyapache, Apache updater very easily. I have did it on my test server and decided to share some benchmarks with you.  [click to continue…]



You might remember about Liberty Reserve, the web site enabled people to send and receive money just like Paypal. But there was a problem with Liberty Reserve, it is that LR was mostly used by Cyber criminals. I know that there were people who used LR for genuine purposes but LR was the most famous currency among the hackers and pirates.

3 days ago Liberty Reserve’s founder and CEO Arthur Bodvosky belanchuk got arrested over in Costa rica because of the ongoing allegations about money laundering. And site is offline and pointing to different name servers. There aren’t any FBI notices or anything when you visiting the home page. Its just not available. Long time Liberty Reserve users knows that this is not the first time that Liberty Reserve owner got arrested but this time its hardly unlikely that LR will come back. People seems to lost thousands of dollars thanks to this raid. Read the comments on this venturebeat.com article.

Bitcoin seems to be capitalizing on this incident as people are moving in to bitcoin for their shady deals. Bitcoin price climbed up a little bit after this incident and now its at $134 average on mtgox.



According to the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts, Penguin 2.0 update has been rolled out on 22nd of this month. I have wrote about it 4 days before it went live. These updates sometimes takes time to come in to the effect worldwide  and you should be seeing changes now if Google Panda 2.0 affected your web site.

Personally for me I’m seeing a slight traffic drop after 25th of this month and it can be related to this update. Google is normally not  announcing about their constant updates to the masses  but this time Matt Cutts announced about the update early and as soon as it rolled out. Nice to see Google is actually willing to inform webmasters about their changes because in past these updates happened without informing anyone and we couldn’t ever know what caused our traffic to drop.  [click to continue…]


How to Unlock voice on Huawei HSPA modems

by Ruchira on May 25, 2013


If you are a long time follower of this blog, you know that I have shown you how to unlock the voice calling functionality of Huawei HSPA USB dongles. That guide was easy but DC-Unlocker long time ago decided to stop the free voice unlocking service. Lots of readers have been asking me how to unlock voice calling. On this guide I will explain how to do this by sending commands (AT) to your HSPA dongle.

First you need to verify if your modem supports voice calls. To do that download DC-Unlocker and run it. It will detect your modem and display the information about it.  [click to continue…]



Installing Nginx is easy thanks to the Nginx Autoinstaller but if you want to use Nginx with Cpanel you can do that easily with NginxCP . NginxCP is a Nginx auto installer for Cpanel. NginxCP installs Nginx on the front end as a reverse proxy to Apache. So this means that static files will be handled by Nginx. NginxCP integrates seamlessly with Cpanel and you can just set it and forget about it. Installing it is very easy. But installing it on current production environments is not recommended because things might break depending on your Cpanel version. [click to continue…]



If you are a Linux newbie and if you are used to Amazon EC2 or any other VPS control panels, Google Compute Engine terminal system will be confusing for you. Google Compute Engine uses Google’s own tool called gcutil tool to manage Compute Engine and its resources. Not only using it but configuring it is bit hard for the newbies. And you wont ever need that if you are just running one or few VMs and not going to unleash the total abilities of Compute Engine.

There is no way to set a root password’s on VM’s from the Console like you do on control panels like SolusVM but you can use SSH keys to access the terminal without ever touching gcutils. Here’s how to do it, [click to continue…]

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Google Compute Engine benchmarks

by Ruchira on May 23, 2013

google-computeGoogle has announced immediate availability of Google Compute Engine to the general public at the Google IO 2013. Google Compute Engine is Google’s answer to the Amazon EC2 and other cloud platforms and it lets you to run virtual machines just like Ec2 with multiple configuration options. Compute Engine instances are based on KVM virtualization whereas EC2 is based on XEN. I have decided to signup and see whats inside

Signup page is here and we have to start by adding billing information. Credit Card is required to signup and after signing up, you are immediately taken to the Compute Engine Console where you can create and manage instances and disks. [click to continue…]


OpenVPN Auto installer

by Ruchira on May 23, 2013


Auto installers are designed to make your life easy. Installing and configuring things like Nginx and OpenVPN can be hard for novices. You can use the Nginx Autoinstaller listed on my blog if you need that, but what about OpenVPN? OpenVPN-AS is free and comes with a great web based control panel, but the problem is that the free version is limited to 2 concurrent users. But that’s the way to go if you are fine with 2 user limit, You can view my OpenVPN-AS setup guide here.

If you don’t like the 2 user limit on OpenVPN-AS you can install regular OpenVPN but it requires little bit of work, it has no limits on users and you and your friends or clients can use the same VPN concurrently. I have found a great OpenVPN auto install script on github and I thought about sharing it with you. You can find it here  installing it is very easy. See below [click to continue…]