Google patches chrome for security issues

by Ruchira on August 26, 2009

CVE-2009-2935 Unauthorized memory read from Javascript

A flaw in the V8 Javascript engine might allow specially-crafted Javascript on a web page to read unauthorized memory, bypassing security checks. It is possible that this could lead to disclosing unauthorized data to an attacker or allow an attacker to run arbitrary code.

Thats what google said about the security vulnerability issue chrome had till yesterday. Well thats not funny and its dangerous like google said,

SeverityHigh. An attacker might be able to run arbitrary code within the Google Chrome sandbox.

There were some minor security bugs but that was the most dangerous thingy google had. But Mozilla security team found the vulnerability and informed google as they said in this google’s official blog post.
Chrome (click to download for Windows) fixes the issues and another medium-severity issue. Once Chrome is installed, it retrieves updates automatically and applies them when people restart the browser. So don’t need to panic now 😉 and install the latest patch that’s it but normally chrome will automatically do it for you.
Personally I recommend Firefox as usual 😛


ThePiratebay is having big problems

by Ruchira on August 24, 2009

Are you looking at Piratebay 2011 April 14,15,16 down incident? Read this post the worlds largest bittorrent tracker is facing many more problems lately. Now at the moment piratebay is down for legal issues the Swedish district court took action to completely remove The Pirate Bay from the Internet because of the infringement of the copyright laws. But the new owners were transferred the servers to new Internet Service Provider and as expected, The Pirate Bay site relocated and is back online (DNS still has to update for some people) Ever since their servers were raided back in 2006 they were prepared for takedown attempts like this.

But few hours later,

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How to get higher page rank

by Ruchira on August 21, 2009

Do you worry about page rank? Well its decent factor because we are living on google planet now! Its now more than years since Google took over the Internet. So higher page rank become must have! So you must put sugar to make out the maximum of it. So I found some latest and greatest testimonials when surfing on some forums and blogs so I thought I should share them with you!

My site was released since this May. When I took charge this site in the second month, its PR is 2.

Everybody knows to do link exchange as your new site needs higher PR. I do think so and attempted to do innumerable trials, but only find two link partners.

However, on the third month, my site’s PR magically turns to 5! Amazing! Do you want to know how I get PR5 in 3 months? Please read the follows:

I. Don’t only gaze at the ones have higher PR!

II. Don’t do link exchange with a once punished site! “site: ***.com” can help you! When someone agree to do link exchange with you, don’t hurry, please first use “site: ***.com” on google, which can help us estimate if the site was punished. The punished one can entangle a subject.

III If your site is with PR1, you should at least three PR2, two PR4 and five PR5 sites to do link exchange and your site PR will raise to 4 on the second month. And then, remove all PR2 sites, leave one or two PR3 ones, go on finding ten PR5 link exchange partners. It will become PR5 at the end of the third month.

  • Another testimonial from a successor-

Do-Follow blog commenting. None of that bot spam rubbish – I write proper, individual and interesting comments. Not only does it maximize the chances of the link staying up, but it’s ethical too – as bloggers encourage this sort of commenting. Luckily many of my keywords don’t sound commercial, e.g. ‘leadership’, and therefore my comments do just look like… perfectly nice comments. And that’s because they are!

Article Distribution. I use isnare for my article distributions. (I won’t include an affiliate link, but I suggest you research them). They’re relatively cheap, and I’ve written about 20-30 articles. However they’re slow to publish, and currently have a hug backlog.

Directory Submissions. I’ve paid a couple of SEO firms to handle some directory submissions for me. The first time, my rankings were downgraded for about 2 weeks, but then soared to better than ever. Probably done about 200 directory submissions – I’ve tried to stick to the ‘cream’ of the crop, rather than blast my site to like 1000 directories. It’s better value for money that way.

But now this leaves me with a dilemma, (reaching PR5). I thought that once I’d got there, I’d be where I wanted to be SERPSwise, but I still have a long way to go! You never know, I may even end up as PR6! That would be truly awesome.

I hope you find hearing about my personal strategy useful.

Total spend on SEO has been $100. Revenue from the site now averages $10 per day, so you can see it’s not a very high cost. But that’s because I’ve put in about 300 hours minimum of my own work, I’ve only paid for services that I simply can’t do (article distributions and directory submissions) in large quantities without wasting my life away.

So guys I think you can get advices from that quotes and get a idea to get higher page rank soon. So do the work and you will see the results in couple of months!


How much does your Twitter worth?

by Ruchira on August 19, 2009

Well all of us know that Twitter is good marketing tool and eve money maker. So if you have thousand’s of followers here is a too to check the worth of your twitter account! So according to it my twitter account worth this 😛

So I dont say that this is the real worth of our twitter account but give a try out and see what you got!

Here is the link


What is Autoblog? Introduction

by Ruchira on August 13, 2009

Well the topic make it simple. Autoblogging means blogging automatically. IUt doesnt need a blogger to make posts. Autblogs grab its posts from internet via RSS feeds and various methods.

The admin can set the topics or RSS feeds first and the autoblogging sytem ( A wordpress plugin) grabs the content about the topic from feeds and posts then posts them automatically on mentioned time. Autoblogs can be set for update on desired times via a simple cron job.

All of successive autoblogs based on wordpress and runs various plugins to do the autoblogging. There is no difference between the regular blogs wordpress platform and the autoblogs platform. only the plugins do the work.

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How to get adsense account fast

by Ruchira on August 8, 2009


Getting adsense account is hard these days. specially for Indians they didn’t get approved to this great program easily.But lastly I found a way to get approved on Adsense fast and safe within 24hours. But this is legal way. ATTENTION  Dont reapply if you got banned from adsense one time because its against their terms of service

I AM not guaranteeing approval using this method 100% please mind that. Yes people from India, Africa it doesnt matter  And I havent seen this method shared anywhere else…Unlike some other methods shared like Create a Youtube Channel ,upload videos, Make sure those videos get some hits and apply for Adsense, this method doesnt need much work on your part..

It is as simple as it gets. Here is how…

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MYBB Review

by Ruchira on August 5, 2009

Do you ever managed a forum? If yes I think you have experience about how hard to manage them, because SPAM and other crazy things. And do you ever heard about MYBB (My Bulletin Board) which is free PHP and MySQL forum Software and which can be used to build forums.

There are so many free forum softwares in the planet. Such as PHPBB,SMF,MYBB and counting. I have used two of them they are MYBB and PHPBB (I didnt used SMF [Simple Machines Forum] because It doesn’t has many plugins and themes) But when it comes to User Friendliness MYBB can gain 10 stars out of ten! Because its very easy to manage Admin panel and plugin system.

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Tired of searching torrents on web that have few seeds? Downloaded a fake movie via Limewire appeared as orginal before downloading? Want to register on private torrent site for free? heck what is torrent?

Answer is community will help you now on to share Seeding Torrents on web.
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