China blocks bing

by Ruchira on June 26, 2009

OMG Chinese….. They have become a powerful country in the world now. Chinese products are everywhere. But Chinese government sucks when the topic comes to the internet. This problem is not about their speeds :P. China has the worlds biggest firewall AKA Great firewall. I think you know that ๐Ÿ˜€ . So recently Chinese government included one of biggest sites currently drooling over the internet. That is “bing” microsoft’s new search engine which competes with google. Looks like china sailing a tight ship by blocking famous sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Bing,,, Blogger and a number of other sites. According to china the reason is politics lol.


The hero Michael Jackson is Dead

by Ruchira on June 25, 2009

The king of pop! yes its true he is the king of pop, today passed away while suffering from cardiac arrest. 50 year old Michael Jackson would die from cardiac arrest is a giant mystery. According to The Los Angeles Times, Jackson was not breathing when paramedics came to his home. Attempts to resuscitate the pop singer were unsuccessful. I think he is the most famous singer in the world all of the time. Even any one know him without a age limit.

Alleged multiple plastic surgeries, frequent hospitalizations and the need for unusual medications were a troublesome part of Jacksonโ€™s life. He wore surgical masks when he on public. His Indelible hit songs like โ€œThrillerโ€ will always be a part of his legacy. .


Can Iphone3GS beat Nokia N97?

by Ruchira on June 25, 2009

Recently Apple has being introduced the newest phone named Iphone 3GS on Apple Iphone series. Most of apple Iphone and Iphone 3G (previous Generations) suffered from various disadvantages with their glorious Iphones like-

  • Cant shoot Videos
  • Cant run multiple applications at the same time
  • Cant get video calls
  • But apple made their decision to get in touch with the new trends not only with their goriest touch screen :D. So they introduced their newest competitor to the mobile world mostly aimed to beat the Nokia N97.

    Both of the phones come with maximum of 32GB fixed memory. Its enough to most of users who listens to music and all :P. Kinda high isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ So we can expect good competition between the Nokia N97 and Apple Iphone 3GS.


    RuchiraBlog hits Page Rank 1 in one month

    by Ruchira on June 24, 2009

    Hi people, I have good news.This blog hit google Page Rank 1 on less than 1 month from its start. Its a surprise for me! ๐Ÿ˜€ You know that its hard to get on to higher page ranks quickly because we need to do Search Engine Optimization as much as possible. So in these days I spent my time on submitting this blog to various web directories and link services. Ill share about those things with you later. So its a very good start for SEO because I got this rank within a month. So my objective is hitting page rank 3 around next month. Its not a very hard job if I do hard work to keep up the phase. So readers best of luck!

    Check Google Page Rank


    Google or People?

    by Ruchira on June 22, 2009

    Google or People? what is the answer from you if you are a site administrator? Most of web masters worrying about this question. What is meaning of this? For example if your site is “Dofollow”(means you get back link when commenting on the site with your site URL) and if there are more than 100 out bound links from a single page on your site will cause the google’s page rank to come low on your site. (Page rank is a tool google use to take a measurement about your site. For example if you have unique articles written by your hand and they are not copied ones from internet, google will find your content when crawling your site and if you have back links from other good web sites will cause to get on to good page rank on your web site. If you have good page rank google’s search will show more your web sites index for people when they searches for related content.

    Back to topic-

  • Dofollow advantages
  • Im posting this because most of admins of blogs makes their blogs to nofollow because if its set on to dofollow it will cause your page rank to come low. But there is a huge advance if your blog is set to dofollow it is more and more link seekers and other SEO fans will come to your site daily and they will comment on your site and will make you money from advertisement programs such as adsense.

  • Nofollow advantages
  • You will loss some of direct traffic but not too large amount. You will have good search engine traffic from google and more. It causes money too ๐Ÿ˜› You will loose some valuable comments too. but do not worry google’s search will make you money ๐Ÿ˜€ .


    What is CMS?

    by Ruchira on June 17, 2009

    CMS,Joomla,Wordpress those are some words we hear when dealing with web mastering and blogging. So what is a “CMS”? CMS stands for Content Management System which is used to manage the content on a web site. IT can be used for adding new content and managing the website easy.

  • Why do we need CMS?
  • The answer is simple. IF you are managing a web site and updating it daily with new content you will definitely need a content management system because such a large amount of content can’t be managed with dreamweaver or such kind of web designing software. You can do it but it will take your whole day and affect badly for search engine optimization “SEO”. because managing URL’s for hign number of pages is very hard. Fastly updating web sites such as news sites use custom CMS’s and other free CMS like “wordpress” .

    My blog is using wordpress to manage its content. If you are hoping to create a massive site with fast updating content don’t forget to use a CMS or your business will soon go down not high.

      Ruchira Sahan recommends wordpress because its very easy to customize!


    Facebook introduces Permalinks

    by Ruchira on June 13, 2009


    Hey there, After being busy with my blogs latest updates. (I think you know what i’m talking about :D) I had a thought that if facebook has a good permalink structure it will be very good because facebook users will get their names ranked on top of google’s search results it means popularity! If you dont know about what is Permalinks click here

    . So back to topic ๐Ÿ™‚ I just had a thought about permalinks and just searched for google for check its already available or not. WoW google’s search results just came up displaying one of my favorite local country forum’s topic. I checked it immediately and saw a news topic abut that facebook is going to introduce a permalink structure for their users. And there was a link posted to the facebook blog on the forum so I clicked it and went there. You can check it out here.The foolish thing is that when I searched google that facebook blogs result didn’t came on the first page of google. That means they are really poor in Search Engine Optimization. After ages facebook took a good decision to provide permalinks but now its very hard to change their links structure because it can be a mess for search engines. but be hurry grab a permalinks now click here. It will take month or two to crawl up correctly! But I don’t care about facebook because I hate it. Facebook is a purely time wasting for me. But Ill write another post about “why I hate facebook so much” later :). But these updates will be a good news for facebook addicts and diehard SEO gurus. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I got permalink for my account which is being made 1 year ago.

    it is ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ruchira Sahan.


    Recently the world famous Content Management system WordPress, is being updated with many new functions. After the release of the version 2.7 they released a new version called 2.7.1 which is a bug fixed version of 2.7 . but the problems not over. WordPress used to give more bugs. But most of bloggers didn’t noticed that because they are only mainstream users. about month after releasing the 2.7.1 wordpress announced their newest version 2.8 which changed the CMS control interface with many new things. So I have successfully updated my databases and the system with the newest wordpress version seems more stable! So if you are a wordpress blogger and still didn’t updates to the version you can download it from Here is a video about the new version.