Best free webhost to deal with

by Ruchira on June 9, 2009

000webhostI’m a person who tired of searching free web hosts on google for past 3 years. I remember those times that local companies sold 100MB web hosting packages for 3$ a month. I had a idea to launch a wap-site (Mobile phone access site) 3 years ago. But I didn’t found a free web host gives that ability to host our wap sites. Good thing is that time is gone now and there are several sites offering free web hosting. I have signed up for more than 20 of those sites and took my time to test them.

But I didn’t found a free hosting site great than On the starting times of this site I have hosted this site on for free. Yes it had given me a uptime of 100% percent on those months. I didn’t saw a down time after using for more than 1 years of free hosting there. Also features Custom Control Panel which is powerful as the C-Panel X. Its the best free hosting control panel I saw on free hosting sites. And its very easy to manage things there. And you can have unlimited domains hosted there. They will give you 1.5Gb disk space and 100GB (WOW) of bandwidth per month You can have MYSQL databases on there also. All of their servers have very good up-link speeds. If you need hosting for your site or blog and you don’t like to spend more bucks on the start try out here .


Getting a free prepaid mastercard

by Ruchira on June 6, 2009

UPDATE- 29/06/2009 I received my master card today! Happy. 😀

Yeah Mastercard means a credit card! Hurrah its free.. You can easily order and get this free. But you should pay about 9 US$ for its activation. What are the benefits of getting this?

  • Its prepaid so risk free
  • Not hard to get
  • 100% free
  • Can use for online transactions
  • Its Mastercard
  • No credit history checks needed

So there are many ways of getting this. These cards offered by Payoneer (A credit card company). And there are many sub-vendors wordwide such as Odesk, Limeexchange, but today im going to explain getting it through

Here are the steps to follow.


2. Then just click on JOIN NOW! (Do not worry about this.its a free sign up!)

3. Fill the details as directed by the site.

4. After successfully complete your sign up, you’ll receive a verification e-mail.

5. Open your e-mail and verify your account.

6. now you’ve done 50%.

7. Then logout from your account and you will see a link AFFILIATE in that page. Click That.

8. a new page will load then click AFFILIATE SIGNUP.

9. fill the form as directed. many of the details are not needed if your are a not from united states .

10. After that, login to your Affiliate account, and click account information.

11. There you’ll find a link to update your account . click there.

12. scroll down and you’ll see this link <<< Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard® .You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.>>>

13. click on signup to paid by prepaid Mastercard.

14. Then you will end up in payoneer site. sign up for a payoneer debit card here.

15. IMPORTANT: Fill the form correctly in 1st Try.

16. They will send you an email saying that, they sent you a mastercard at the specified address.

17. It may take 20 Business days to 2 months to Deliver your Card.

18. NOW YOU ARE A OWNER OF A MasterCard®. 😀 😀


Here is a example of your card–



Corei7 975 is out

by Ruchira on June 4, 2009

After Intels huge leap forward to 45NM manufacturing  process Intel introduced their 45NM new beast Corei7 975 extreme which now owns the crown as the fastest Quad Core processor on the planet. which has been featured by these gorgeous things below.

  • Product Type: Desktop
  • Product Line: Core i7
  • Socket: LGA1366 Socket
  • Clock Speed: 3.33 GHz
  • QuickPath: 6.4 GT/s
  • L3 Cache: 8 MB Shared
  • L2 Cache: 4 x 256 KB
  • L1 Cache: 4 x 64 KB
  • Package Type: 1366-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array (FC-LGA8)
  • Threads: 8
  • Manufacturing Process: 45 nm
  • Thermal Design Power: 130W
  • Thermal Specification: 67.9°C
  • Core Voltage: 0.8 – 1.375V
  • Intel VT: Yes

Corei7 975

I believe most of people will say its nonsense getting the I7 975 and why don’t I get a I7 920 and overclock it for like 3.3Ghz easily! Yes there is a point of saying that I also agree with them. But hardcore computer Overclock fans and enthusiasts always like to get new things when it comes out. This processor will OC crazily because the unlocked multiplier with Quick Path interconnect (QPI) speeds of 6.4 GT/s. So hardware fans here is a link if you are getting it. 😛


Another Twitter follower tool

by Ruchira on June 2, 2009

I have told you guys a twitter mass follower tool to follow more people and get followers for us. Click here if you didn’t saw it. So I presume you have done those steps and now have a good understanding about twitter and its abilities. Click here to see the post about what is twitter. So dear fellow readers today im going to write about a new cool tool to get more and more twitter followers. But this is a mass follower and unfollower tool. First you need to follow more people to get more followers for you!  This site is called

So signup there using your twitter user name and password and start mass following people now. Ill post my results later on post. Now i’m getting average of 100 twitter followers a day! :S Happy following!! After following wait for few hours and see what you get on your email inbox! Damn Twitter followers 😀 There are many ways to make money with twitter ill post them later. Bye….

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Microsoft forgot to check their massage

by Ruchira on May 31, 2009

Recently I had received a email from microsoft regarding that they made mistake when they sending microsoft Windows 7 beta expiring date. lol Here it is the email from microsoft,

Exploring Windows: Special Beta Edition — Correction

Because you signed up to test the Windows 7 Beta, we recently sent you mail about the expiration dates for the Beta and Release Candidate. Unfortunately, we made a mistake.

We said the Beta would start shutting down every two hours on June 1, 2009. The correct date is July 1, 2009.

The rest of the dates in the mail were correct. Here’s a quick summary:

Starts shutting down every two hours:


July 1, 2009

August 1, 2009
Release Candidate

March 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

We apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.

Thanks again for helping us test Windows 7.

I wrote a post about the expiring dates of the windows 7 beta (not the Release Candidate). you can find it out here. They previously said their beta will begin to restart every 2 hours from 1st of June. But now they are telling that it is July 1st and not June 1st. This emails delivered to many beta testers worldwide. So when they emailing their clients they should be more responsible about the accuracy of their massages and don’t send this kind of foolish mails lol.


Youtube offers “Shows”

by Ruchira on May 28, 2009

Recently youtube begun to offer its new feature named "shows" it gives users the ability to watch Movie’s and TV Seasons free online. Cool isn’t it?
Free Image Hosting at

You can watch bit old TV season episodes on there and they are improving day by day. But there are some location restrictions. 🙁 (Some countries cant view them) This will be a shame for youtube because this is a free world. But this new feature is cool. checkout your self by clicking here.


How to get more twitter followers

by Ruchira on May 27, 2009

I think you knows about twitter and its treasure for the people who wants to make money with internet. If you dont know what is twitter please read my post about it here .The major problem for twitter users are its very hard to get followers that you dont know, I mean who is not on your interest area. But the famous people like Oprah has a world record for getting millions of twitter followers in one week. But this post is not for them. Its a nightmare to get millions of twiiter followers for just mainstream users like us. But while reading many blog posts and searching on google I found out a way for increasing twitter followers as you want. From this site-


You can signup free on there and start automatically following people who is trigger to your key words that you supply to . Its simple and easy like this-

twitter search

So in this site you can only follow people which trigger to your keywords. Some times you may be wonder that the blog post named to get more followers for my account, and not to follow other people. The process begins here. remember there is a point on twitter that is you should follow people to get them to follow you back. 😀 With this just follow people more and more…. It might be like 10000 people, but no problem if you follower 10000 people you will get follow backs at least 5000. I’ll tell you how to unfollow people that you followed in other post. ( We are unfollowing because there is no importance in following people who dont follow us, but this dont applies for your friends or homies 😀 This is just a marketing point). Follow more and more people and wait about one week they will follow you sure, chances are about 50% .. Meet you again with another greatfull post like how to unfollow people who dont follow you. Bye for now..

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South Korean Broadband World’s Fastest

by Ruchira on May 26, 2009

All people who use internet would like to have maximum internet speed for the money they pay. But who gets that their advertised speed? Most of the people don’t get the speed as advertised by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). USA hosts the worlds biggest and largest Data Centers. Imagine Google’s container data center solution.,

I think its a very good idea for placing Data Centers. Oh I’m out of my topic 😛 . I want to tell you that the Japanese people are very lucky they got average of 93,693 Mbits per second internet speed on 2007 which is the best average speeds in the world. Wish I were there 😀 . According to 2009 DSL Broadband speed Rankings in world Korean internet speeds are fastest now. They got their connection on Fiber-Optic cable with free VOIP. USA hosts most of data centers in the world but the people are bit unlucky because the US came in at 17th at 8,860 Mb/sec. Here are the average speed charts

Top Countries by Download Speed

* 1. 17.84 Mb/s South Korea
* 2. 16.05 Mb/s Japan
* 3. 11.56 Mb/s Sweden
* 4. 11.30 Mb/s Lithuania
* 5. 10.33 Mb/s Romania
* 6. 10.12 Mb/s Latvia
* 7. 9.40 Mb/s Bulgaria
* 8. 8.98 Mb/s Netherlands
* 9. 7.59 Mb/s Germany
* 10. 7.40 Mb/s Russian Federation
* 11 .7.26 Mb/s Moldova, Republic of
* 12. 7.24 Mb/s Slovakia
* 13. 7.15 Mb/s Switzerland
* 14. 7.04 Mb/s Finland
* 124. 1.06 Mb/s Sri Lanka

Top Countries by Upload Speed

* 1. 8.08 Mb/s Lithuania
* 2. 7.48 Mb/s Japan
* 3. 4.43 Mb/s Bulgaria
* 4. 4.32 Mb/s Romania
* 5. 4.28 Mb/s Russian Federation
* 6. 4.10 Mb/s Sweden
* 7. 3.87 Mb/s Latvia
* 8. 3.86 Mb/s Slovenia
* 9. 3.34 Mb/s Andorra
* 10. 3.34 Mb/s Moldova, Republic of
* 11. 2.95 Mb/s Korea, Republic of
* 12. 2.78 Mb/s Asia/Pacific Region
* 13. 2.77 Mb/s Hong Kong
* 14. 2.72 Mb/s Netherlands
* 153. 0.19 Mb/s Sri Lanka

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