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by Ruchira on May 15, 2013


You can use things like Dropbox to backup your files and stuff. But if you need more storage than regular free Dropbox account’s give you, you have to spend $9.99 per month to purchase Dropbox premium 100GB account. But that price is not justifiable if you are a sysadmin ūüôā . What if you can get more than Dropbox type storage for the same price?

VPS’s ( Virtual Private Server ) are so cheap these days. And some of the¬†providers¬†give us plenty of storage for just a few bucks a month. If you go for VPS other than just a Dropbox premium, possibilities are endless. You can run your own type of Dropbox on it ( OwnCloud ). Ill cover about setting up OwnCloud on the next article or so. And you can even setup TorrentFlux¬†¬†and run remote desktop¬†on the same VPS so you can download stuff to your storage using web browser etc. [click to continue…]




Google is taking rel=”author” markup to a whole new level with Google+. You are most likely missing up if you¬†haven’t¬†added your¬†author¬†profile to your web page already. Rumor has it that adding rel=”author” and verifying your¬†authorship is helping for your SEO and SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions).¬†¬†So how can you add this to your WordPress blog or web site without editing any code or whatsoever? ¬†Read on, [click to continue…]


How to install PHP APC on LNMP

by Ruchira on May 13, 2013

php-apcNote : This is a part of guide.

APC Alternative PHP Cache, is a nice little caching add-on to PHP which can increase the performance of PHP significantly. APC works by optimizing the PHP compiler and storing the final compiled code in the memory. So this saves the burden of having to retrieve the source file from the disk and compile it every time when a visitor requests a page.

So how to install APC on LNMP 0.9¬†? Log in to the terminal and just follow the instructions below [click to continue…]

{ 2 comments } hacked! Change your passwords now

by Ruchira on May 11, 2013


Hack the Planet, the same group which hacked Linode just a few weeks ago, also hacked in to the servers. This news comes with a chain of allegations claimed by HTP ( Hack The Planet ) . According to HTP and to put a long story short, they wanted to break in to a IRC network called swiftIRC and to do that they needed to hack in to the Linode because its the host of SwiftIRC. So to break in to the Linode they decided to break in to and¬†acquire¬†the domain.¬†So they broke in to and also at the same time one of HTP’s member found about a cold fusion exploit and they gained access to linode by using that. [click to continue…]


Google Glass hardware

by Ruchira on May 10, 2013


Google glass made the headlines on tech sites since its been released.  Glass really seems a nice idea but still the uses of it are really less. Even though Google has made available the API for it, the hardware elements you can address are limited. A programmer called Lance Nanek has found a nice set of officially unannounced sensors idling on Google glass by pushing a Android app to it via the debug mode. He has listed the details on his web site . Google Glass got,

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Contact forms are vital for many¬†occasions other than just for web sites. Even if you¬†don’t¬†own a web site some times you might want to collect feedback from other people on internet forums, facebook and such. If you own a web site, it might be easier for you to create a contact form by a plugin or coding it yourself.¬†But there is very easy way to create a contact forms without the requirement of coding or integrating.

Jotform Instant is designed to do the exact purpose, Forget the coding or finding a plugin part, Jotform Instant is really easy to use as their title says “Instantly Brewed Forms” . Visit their web site and you will be presented with variety of form creation choices. Don’t worry its really simple and¬†initiative [click to continue…]


Disavow links on Webmaster tools

by Ruchira on May 9, 2013


Google Panda and Penguin updates are a major nightmare for the link spammers and black hat seo people out there. These algorithm updates targets sites which has low quality content and back links pointing to your site. However this can be a major drawback for the quality sites too because, spam links are a thing which you can never avoid. I know this with my experience and personally I never do link building for my own sites. I believe that the quality content is the key and back links will come automagically if you have good content because people will link and share my posts on their web sites and such.

But what to do for the spammy back links you automatically receive? [click to continue…]


Godaddy Coupons for 2013 May

by Ruchira on May 9, 2013

godaddy-couponsGodaddy is the cheapest place to buy¬†domain¬†names. If you want to register a new .com Godaddy got many¬†coupon¬†codes available just for you, $0.99 .com coupons are common and in any given time .com’s wont net you than $8 if you used a coupon. Coupons change time to time and I will keep you posted about new¬†coupons¬†on this link.

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