If you have installed SSL certificate on your website which runs on WHM/Cpanel server and now if you are going to migrate the websites to another Cpanel server, this guide is for you. Transferring SSL certificates between Cpanel/WHM servers is easy than you think. Here is how,

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Exynos 4412 1.4Ghz processor powers your Galaxy S3 and Note 2. Do you know that same processor is used for development boards such as ODROID-X2 shown above. Now thanks to “” you can own a ODROID-X2 dedicated server for just $19 a month. Deal comes with

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Debian 7 “Wheezy” released

by Ruchira on May 5, 2013




Debian is the choice of sysadmins for stability, low memory footprint and great community support . Debian is here since long time than Centos or RHEL. And its the father of Ubuntu. Debian 7 Wheezy finally got released today and the most important feature in this release is included multiarch support. This means that both I386 (32bit) and amd64 (64bit) binaries will run on a single system. [click to continue…]


Norton Ghost discontinued

by Ruchira on May 4, 2013




Norton Ghost is a software which makes life easier for a sysadmin or anyone who works with computers. It allows users to create a block level disk backups and restore it with ease. That means if you have to deploy several computers with the same configuration or if you need to keep a backup with all the software’s installed. Just use Norton Ghost and you are done. I remember the days which I used Windows 98 and Norton Ghost helped me to re-install my computer with all the software’s I need within 5 minutes. Installing Windows 98 and other software’s in regular way would take at least 2 hours those days.  [click to continue…]

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2 Factor Authentication is a nice way of adding an extra layer of security to your web apps and accounts. Having just a user name and password makes it easy for hackers to guess or brute force your login’s and access your accounts potentially harming your data. Multiple factor authentication is designed to overcome this situation and adding one more step ( factor ) to your usual login details will sufficiently improve your security.

Adding 2 Factor Authentication is really easy thanks to WordPress “Google Authenticator” plugin, however you will need an Android or Apple smartphone to generate the authentication codes. Search for it on Google Play store or App store and install it. Get the wordpress plugin installed and configuration is very easy. After installing just hop over to Users -> Your profile on your wordpress dashboard.  [click to continue…]




Have you ever heard of Cpanel certifications? There is a Cpanel entity called Cpanel University to offer you Cpanel proficiency certifications. Cpanel is really large player on the Server market and Certifications and certifications from them will really increase the value of your resume. Currently they offer 2 types of certifications Sales and Technical and each of those got 5 exam types.  [click to continue…]


Ubuntu 13.04 released and my thoughts

by Ruchira on April 29, 2013



Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail got released  few days ago on April 25th. I have been using Ubuntu as server OS for past 3 years and as you might already know I have switched to Ubuntu from Windows as my primary work OS about 8 months ago and I don’t regret it. Until the release of 13.04 I had 12.10 wubi dual boot setup because that’s how I started using Ubuntu. Even though I had dual boot setup I didn’t used windows at all, I had it on my 128GB Samsung 830 SSD and since the space on my wubi installation was running out I have decided to wait for 13.04 release and do a clean installation of Ubuntu without any dual boot setup. [click to continue…]


What is ECC memory?

by Ruchira on April 28, 2013




If you are building a computer, server or going to buy a new dedicated server, you might know that there are different types of RAM cards. ECC Registered , ECC , non ECC  and Buffered RAM are some words that you might have heard. So what is the difference between all these memory models?  [click to continue…]