How to setup Ubuntu remote desktop

by Ruchira on April 27, 2013



Having a remote desktop with a faster connection helps a lot in many ways I can possibly list. Since VPS’s and Dedicated servers are so cheap these days, You can get a nice remote workstation without making a dent on your pocket. If you need Windows remote desktop, its fairly easy to accomplish that. But on this guide I’m going to talk about how you can get Ubuntu Desktop running on your server. [click to continue…]


How to get the start button on Windows 8

by Ruchira on April 24, 2013

Yesterday TheVerge reported that upcoming Windows Blue 8.1 is going to bring back the start button which Windows 8 is currently missing. This is great news for most of people who use Windows 8 and don’t own a touch screen computer. Personally when I was trying Windows 8 it quickly started to annoy me because now things I used to do in few clicks like shutting down the computer from start menu now takes extra time wasting steps.

And the funny but unfortunate thing is that I have upgraded 2 laptops of my non tech savvy neighbors to Windows 8 and when they took the laptop’s home, they came back shortly because they couldn’t figure out how to shutdown their computers before closing the lid.   I know its annoying to use Windows 8 sometimes because its missing the start menu we have used for years on Windows platform. Maybe Microsoft will address this issue on Windows 8 giving Windows users the good ol’ start menu back.

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How to enable IPv6 on Nginx

by Ruchira on April 23, 2013

We all know that IPv4 addresses are depleting really fast. But still IPv6 adoption is nowhere near it should be. For example IPv6 adoption in mexico is 0.00% as of Google Ipv6 statistics report . Even though the IPv6 adoption among the internet users is low, most Dedicated and Virtual Private Server providers are already offering IPv6 support. But in reality most users don’t know how to configure IPv6 for their web sites and the most widely used hosting control panel “Cpanel” still doesn’t support IPv6. But if you are using Nginx on your server you are lucky because enabling IPv6 , IPv4 dual stack support is really easy. [click to continue…]


Running Linux on 8bit microcontroller

by Ruchira on April 22, 2013



Yesterday I was stumbled upon an amazingly cool project which is running linux on 8bit micro controller. ATmega 1284P is used as the processor which has a operating frequency of 20Mhz and built on 8Bit AVR architecture.

The minimum requirements to run linux kernel is mentioned as 2MB RAM and 80386 processor (32bit) on Linux documentation project. This 32bit requirement is addressed by emulating ARM processor inside the micro. And micro is overclocked to 24Mhz. [click to continue…]


VPS connectivity and performance benchmark

by Ruchira on April 20, 2013



Easiest and best way to find the performance of your dedicated servers or VPS’s is to benchmark them. I have covered how to do a Geekbench test on your linux server here . But that doesn’t test for variables like bandwidth. I know that testing connectivity speeds is easy as running “wget”s against some test files. But I have found a great little script which does this very easily [click to continue…]


Free multiple software installer

by Ruchira on April 19, 2013




If you want to setup a new computer or install software which you use regularly after a system format, You will have to dedicate much of your valuable time for that. Downloading and installing software one by one is boring and “ninite” is here to overcome that problem.  Ninite is a multiple software installer which by name helps you to install the software you need by once without going over to every single web site to download those.

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Blog link purchase scam

by Ruchira on April 18, 2013




Look what I got today on my email box


i need this type of placement could you do this?

1. We will provide php file with plugin source code
2. Webmaster will need to FTP to root folder of blog, then open folder wp-content/plugins
3. Webmaster will need to create folder ‘footerlinks’, then enter that folder and upload php file that we provided
4. Webmaster will need to log into blog admin area, click ‘Plugins’ in left menu, click ‘Installed’ in submenu, find plugin named ‘Footer Links’ and click ‘activate’ link
5. After that links will appear at the bottom of the blog like here  see our links in footer.Very simple work just 1,2 minut only,Our links show on your old ABOUT PAGE.

i can give you $175 for uploading our php file for 1 year time period only.

Let me know are you agree if you agree then send me paypal id please.

Waiting for your Answer



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