Pagerank updates 2010

by Ruchira on November 5, 2010

page rank updates 2010

Well, Pagerank is rotting these days. People keeps asking when? this week? next week? And most of people including myself now begun to hate pagerank because BigG looks like too lazy to push the Big Red button to update page ranks.

Why I dont think google will just stop updating the pagerank,

  • Pagerank is one fact helps google to take over the internet 😀

Link sales 99% based on Pagerank no matter you get 10 visitors a day if you got PR5 you can earn money. Traffic is not the fact for links sales these days.

  • PageRank is huge fact for webmasters

Getting nice pagerank always pushes the webmasters to create quality content. You can check how much of joy that I had when I got pagerank 1 here.

  • I think Google will never stop a thing that got this much success and reputation

PageRank is complexed and provides accurate ranking about a web site’s quality of content and its so popular among webmasters. Do you think google will just stop youtube service? And so pagerank!

  • Google doesn’t have any additional cost of updating pagerank of web sites!

Yes pagerank is so popular but google doesn’t need to spend money for update the pagerank. Its not like running a resource hungry youtube!

These are some facts that i got in to my mind. And I think Pagerank update is coming soon. So wait for that and do link building and keep posting quality content of your own! Good Luck!

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