Penguin 2.0 is now in effect! Are you seeing any changes?

by Ruchira on May 27, 2013


According to the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts, Penguin 2.0 update has been rolled out on 22nd of this month. I have wrote about it 4 days before it went live. These updates sometimes takes time to come in to the effect worldwide  and you should be seeing changes now if Google Panda 2.0 affected your web site.

Personally for me I’m seeing a slight traffic drop after 25th of this month and it can be related to this update. Google is normally not  announcing about their constant updates to the masses  but this time Matt Cutts announced about the update early and as soon as it rolled out. Nice to see Google is actually willing to inform webmasters about their changes because in past these updates happened without informing anyone and we couldn’t ever know what caused our traffic to drop. 

Sometimes these algorithmic updates can severely affect the genuine sites and running web sites isn’t cool anymore as it used to be few years ago. Speaking about me, I have never built back links manually for this blog and I always believed that the quality content will bring much valuable back links to our web sites.

Google has introduced a webform where you can report the spam sites which are still ranking on the top after the Penguin 2 update. Here is the link –

So are you seeing any change on your traffic? Please share the details in comments.

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