PlayStation 4 Hardware analysis and Price

by Ruchira on June 11, 2013


Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 few hours ago at the E3 conference 2013. I think it looks more appealing than the Xbox One and hardware wise there aren’t any huge improvements like PS3 had when comparing with PS2 but its acceptable. PS3 still handles  great graphics without a glitch and PS4 is certainly has better hardware. PlayStation 3’s “Reality synthesizer” GPU delivered about 400 Gigaflops and PS4 GPU said to have 18 compute units and 1.84 Gigaflops of performance. So its about 450% times powerful than the PS3’s GPU.

PS4 features an AMD Jaguar architecture based X64 APU ( Accelerated Processing Unit )  which incorporates CPU , GPU and also the memory controller on to a single chip package. Clock speed of the processor will be about 2Ghz but information about that is still unclear. Xbox One also features same processing architecture so this will make developers somewhat easier to support both platforms. PS4 takes lead in the RAM department because it features 8GB of GDDR5 RAM whereas Xbox One got GDDR3. Sure GDDR5 has advantages when thinking about the memory bandwidth but it has more latency when comparing with GDDR3, So don’t expect PS4 to be so much faster than the Xbox just because of the RAM. But its really nice to see Sony went with GDDR5 technology. 

BluRay drive speed is improved from 2X on PS3 to 6X on PS4 which gives about 27MB/s of maximum read speed. PS4 will support 4K videos and photos for sure but rendering 4K games will be too much work for the hardware and its not expected to support 4K games. Also BluRay drive doesn’t support quad layer 100GB bluray disks which were designed to store 4K movies but Sony might change this as time goes on. PS4 features 1Gbps Ethernet , USB 3.0 and WiFi N but sadly no WiFi 802.11ac support is added.


DualShock controller is improved a bit and now its named DualShock 4. Button layout hasn’t changed much but they have added a clickable touchpad on the middle of the controller. 3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer. DualShock 3 isn’t compatible with PS4 so don’t get your hopes up if you already own some controllers 🙂 .

At $399 I think this console is worth every cent that you spend because even high end smartphones costs more than that. For $399 you can get not only a gaming console but a great home entertainment device. Price is right and hardware looks great, just go for it!

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1 mike June 18, 2013 at 6:12 PM

Can’t say it looks very good from the shot i can see it almost looks like the old PS2 shape lol Will have to wait till i see it up close


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