PlayStation 4 rumors

by Ruchira on February 6, 2013




PlayStation 4 rumors are getting hot everyday as Sony announced that they got something new to share with us on February 20th. We arent even sure if they are talking about a new PlayStation or it might be a launch of new Dualshock controller. Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai once told that Sony will release the next PlayStation after Microsoft announce the new Xbox.

“Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better? – Kaz told the Times”

So to fulfill this statement Sony might not even announce the new PlayStation until Microsoft announces their new Xbox. So this whole story will be really interesting to follow up.

Judging by the rumors, the hardware of PlayStation 4 wont be exciting as the PS3’s cell processor and all that jazz. PS3 cell processor really stood out of the game and proven that its still capable of handling any kind of load that you put at it. It even became a cheaper way to build cheaper and really fast supercomputers by connecting multiple PS3’s.  But this time, the new PlayStation is rumored to get AMD’s A10 CPU with integrated graphics and about 8GB or RAM. A10 is a already dated consumer PC grade solution and if PS4 comes with this specs it wont be ever exciting as PS3 was.

As we all know consoles are designed to have at around 10 years of lifespan and ecosystem, But if Sony is using this rumored hardware they will never be able to flip the switch to enable 4K 3D gaming in upcoming years. To achieve that with A10 CPU, they will need multiple separate graphics cores coupled with the CPU.

So February 20 might reveal lots of nice information about the plans on next generation PlayStation controls and we just have to wait 🙂


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