How to record skype video calls

by Ruchira on September 27, 2011

Having some special unforgettable skype video calls?  Then you might be interested in recording those video calls for later reference. There is a perfect solution for it called “SuperTinTin” yeah I know it sounds weird but does the thing.

However its a premium software which means you have pay for it. But there is a trial version. Trial version got all the options but it got 5 minute record limit. But thats not a problem, when it finishes recording 5 minutes it will stop but you can start recording again instantly by pressing the RED button. There is no limitations between records on the free version.So for me free version is completely Okay. Its about recording the call and as soon as first 5 minutes finishes press record button again and it will start to record again vice-versa

I have personally tested this and

  • It records videos of both cams on picture in picture or any method that you set
  • Records sounds of both sides
  • No Quality degradation on recorded videos. It records same as what you see on skype and saves on .AVI format

You can download and read more about it here –  ( This isn’t a referral link)

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1 Richard October 25, 2011 at 10:41 AM

Can’t you use a screengrabber application instead? No limits, etc.


2 Ruchira October 25, 2011 at 10:08 PM

yes thats a very good alternative but screen grabbers record all the things on the screen. It might be annoying sometimes when you open up another programs and resizing the call window etc.


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