Remmina remote desktop client for linux

by Ruchira on May 8, 2013


If you are a regular follower of this blog, you might remember that I have wrote about how you can get remote desktop running on Ubuntu VPS or Dedicated Server. And to connect it via VNC I have used Gtkvnc viewer in the past. Read about it here  However Gtkvnc viewer had major drawbacks like, there is no option to save the server details, So it means that you have to enter the details of your remote desktop server every time when you want to connect to it.

However I have recently found a nice remote desktop client named “Remmina Remote Desktop” . It not only supports VNC but also it supports RDP , NX , XDCMP and SSH protocols. This means that you can connect to Windows servers using the RDP protocol.

UI is nice and clean, and also it connects instantly to my servers via VNC and you have the ability to save multiple logins at once and you just need to select which server you want to connect to and click the connect button.

Installing Remmina is easy on Ubuntu, Just search for “Remmina” on the Ubuntu Software Center and get it installed. Here is the link to the development web page

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