Mightytext send SMS from PC through your Android

by Ruchira on October 15, 2012

If you spend most of the time in front of your PC and need to communicate with people via SMS you might find its boring to pickup the the phone and type then put it away, use the computer and the then pickup the phone and type bla bla blah…  or even you may prefer your computer’s full size keyboard to type text messages, mighttext offers you a great solution to ease your life by syncing your Android phone’s SMS with your PC or mac.

Using mightytext is dead simple, its built upon Google App engine and uses your google account to sync up, So what you have to do is get the mightytext app from Google play https://www.ruchirablog.com/go/mightytext and select which google account you want to use by opening up the app and  you are done

So just go in to that url from your computer’s web browser and login to same google account you have provided on setting up mightytext and start texting, And also it has additional features like showing you notifications of incoming calls etc, this means even you forgot to bring your phone to where you at, you can briefly see who were calling you and even text them with a reply. Mighytext is so fast there is virtually no lag of fetching the new messages on your pc etc. Even it gives you desktop notifications, thanks mightytext team for creating such a useful and simple app for free!

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