Server uptime world record

by Ruchira on April 2, 2013



If you are a sysadmin or if you have worked with servers I bet you might have wondered whats the longest uptime a server ever had. Look above, The bar is now set at 6030 days which is about 16 years. Its running Netware v3.12 which is built to share files and printers over the network. Server is nick named INTEL and its owned by a user on arstechnica forums.

Even if the hardware was able to last this much long you might wonder how it survived power outages. Answer is the server was on a financial company backed by central UPS system according to the owner. But finally he has decided to shutdown the server because of complaints about noise it makes.





Well this makes me sad. He should have waited to see a natural death of this server. And there is very less possibility of booting that up again because hard disk motors should have wore out already and it wont give enough torque to spin up the platters again.  But who knows it might be indestructible 🙂

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