How to increase signal strength of HSPA dongle

by Ruchira on May 18, 2013

huawei-antennaIf you are using a USB HSPA dongle to access the internet, one of common problem that you might face is the low signal strength on the place that you live.  Low signal levels translate in to low download/upload speeds and higher latency. The level of signal’s depend on various factors such as the distance between you and the nearest transmission tower of your service provider etc. But there are some ways that you can use to increase the signal levels that your modem receives,

Place the dongle outside

This is the simplest method to increase the signal strength. HSPA modems works the same way as your mobile phone. So this means some places on your home will have better reception. If you don’t have the liberty to move your computer around, best way is to buy a long USB extension cable and use that to place your modem outside of your house or inside where good amount of reception is available.

Extension cables are really cheap and you can find those on most of local computer parts shops or Ebay. Here is one on ebay, for just under $5 including shipping you can get a decent extension cable.

Buy an External Antenna 

Almost all of Huawei and ZTE HSPA dongles that I know supports external antennas. Not only the USB dongles but the data cards supports external antennas too.


This is the most effective solution to increase the signal strength. But a decent antenna like pictured above costs about $20 online . But it can be a nice investment if you are dependent on HSPA modems to access the internet. Before you buy don’t forget to check if your dongle has a port to connect external antennas, this is mentioned on the manual and online product pages.

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