SixXS is a joke

by Ruchira on November 26, 2010

few days ago I signed up for sixXS ipv6 tunnel broker and they seems like providing good service for free. I really cant complain because its free service but there are things needs to be complained even its free service. I know sixXS is not a scam and people are using it.

I filled their signup form and submitted. I know its essential to review provided details because spammers and hackers can use it mostly because of its free service. And about a day after signing up I have received a email telling im not accepted because my ip is blacklisted on some kind of service called CBL (composite Blocking list)

Im using DSL service to get in to internet and my service provider provides dynamic ips to users which changes every time we restart our computer/router or every 6 hours or so. Getting static ip costs here too much and no major advantages of using static ip with my connection. So at the time I submitted the signup forum my dynamic ip was blacklisted for some reason. It might be because of some kind of abuser on the network on of ISP or mistake of CBL . And the email from sixxs they clearly stated that if this is a mistake contact us explaining the issue.

So I have replied to that mail regarding that my ip is dynamic and Its not my mistake to be blacklisted.

And the funny thing starts now. They have viewed my email and now they are telling that ,

Please complain to your ISP that abuse of other users, which they are
not handling is causing you to be not accepted.

So isn’t that funny? They didnt even told me that complain to ISP about this issue. And who the hell of ISP will spend time removing blacklisted ips from fancy CBL thing?

And I can see that CBL is not even accurate and now its telling that that blacklisted ip is not blacklisted now

So I think its better to use Hurricane Electrics Tunnel broker than messing up with these fancy providers!

</end of crap>

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1 kaos December 4, 2010 at 1:33 AM

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2 kuze December 5, 2010 at 7:27 AM

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3 false December 7, 2010 at 1:52 AM

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4 Selenia November 22, 2012 at 11:44 PM

They are a joke and fascist idiots!!! I tried signing up with them, being interested in accessing ipv6 sites on my Android, with no ipv6 providers, wired or wireless around here. I get a rude e-mail back like this, having provided complete information.

Dear #$%^&,

SixXS has experienced a problem verifying the account information
you provided during your signup.

The reason specified was:
Either give full valid information or don’t signup, see

The result is that your account has been marked disabled.
If you feel that this is beyond your control, please reply to
this message at .
If you reply, please be as complete as possible, paste your
person object in the e-mail and explain SixXS what you think
went wrong.

If you have determined that the error is on your part, kindly
fix the situation by updating the handle and then contacting
SixXS at .

Do *NOT* create a new account, doing so will mean full termination.

See the FAQ on the website for more details:

The SixXS tunnelrobot.

I got this within 20 minutes of signing up. So, I fire back saying the info was complete and correct, even emphasizing each component of the provided address and telling them the post office is happy with that because it delivers to me with that info on packages and letters I receive. 4 days later(they can reject me in 20 minutes but can’t answer an f’in e-mail after most of a working week, if they don’t want you to create another account? WTF???) and still no reply from them, no explanation of what is wrong with my info, nothing at all!!! I have been trying my hand at Android development and need to test some apps with ipv6 servers, and am NATed as a matter of need at home and lack of choice when mobile. So gogo and such will not work. Too bad Android lacks choice atm. I use Miredo on all my Linux boxes and it works great without these asshole gatekeepers in the way. I am currently looking into tunneling requests back to my box, using GET requests via http proxy on boxes running the miredo Teredo client rather than continuing to try and deal with these idiots. Not an optimal solution and I am looking for others, but should get many apps over that great IPv4/IPv6 divide. Thank you for giving me somewhere to vent.


5 Ruchira November 25, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Why dont you try tunnelbroker? 🙂


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