Looks like skype is back! :)

by Ruchira on December 23, 2010

Skype had major downtime for last 24-48 hours for more over 90% of their users including me! Well it was started 24 hours ago for me. My skype was freezing out about every 5 minutes and then it begun to log me out. I thought hey this might be problem in my computer like my firewall is blocking skype port or something and I restarted my computer. But it didn’t fixed keeps me failure to log in displaying connecting message.

Again I thought there might be problem in my skype software then I uninstalled it and installed again to see what happens. No luck when skype was blacking out I was in chat and I emailed my partners that I got a problem in my skype and Ill talk with them later. Damn my mind never pointed me out that if there is problem with skype they will report it on their twitter feed www.twitter.com/skype **bangs head**

Today morning I found that some other users complaining about this problem and I have searched twitter about this.

Skype didn’t supplied detailed causes about  what happened rather that telling their “Supernodes” down because of some software problem and some unofficial discussions going that wikileaks haters attacked skype because Julian Assange was interviewed on skype :X

So at the time of writing skype is online for most of us and for me it took exactly 24 hours to get back online!

Lets see how trend moves on!

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1 TungNT December 23, 2010 at 7:47 PM

It’s back đŸ™‚


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