My social experiment goes live!

by Ruchira on December 28, 2011

You may have noticed the new widget on my right side bar which is displaying my facebook fan page details. Yeah I have created a facebook fan page for my blog which is located right here . I know Im too late on this, I have created my facebook profile on 2008 and up to the date I didnt thought about having a facebook fan page for my blog because I didnt trusted it to be a good traffic maker.

However I had the feedburner  since the beginning and it counts 1445 subscribers as im writing this. That was a huge achievement and its not like having 1445 facebook fans, it really worth 5X than the facebook likes for me as the email subscriptions really show the encouragement of readers toward reading this blog rather than clicking the like button.

Awful thing happened to me while creating the fan page. It was that I previously had permalink attached to my facebook profile and when I was creating the fan page I thought having as the fan page url is the best idea since /ruchirablog for my personal profile isnt a necessary thing. And luckyly there was a option to change the url for just one time and I thought I should change it to some other thing like /ruchira.sahan so the released /ruchirablog will be available to assign for my fan page!



And then I changed my profile address to /ruchira.sahan and when I tried to assign the released /ruchirablog to my fan page, it said the name isnt available even the name is released from my profile 🙁 So I lose /ruchirablog url from facebook and it wasn’t a nice experience!

However my fan page is now live at

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