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by Ruchira on September 17, 2010

If you have downloaded a movie or tv show and want more support for understanding its language the best way is subtitles. On most DVD’s subtitles are built in or we can choose which subtitle language to display. but if you download a *.AVI or kind of Movie you will need to manually find subtitles because there isn’t any subtitles built-in or selectable.

So you can drag and drop the *.srt format subtitle file to your movie player such as “Gom player” and you are good to go. But there is a major problem, these days there are lots of release groups who rips movies from dvd’s or tv feed and release them to the public. because of that many versions of single movie exists on the internet. For example take “The Expendables” movie if you search the net for downloading that¬† you can find lots of release groups released the same movie like aXXo,AC3,Klaxxon. So the subtitle needs to be sync with the movie sound track and all the releases of single movie doesn’t match for subtitles so you need to find the subtitle for specific release and add and some times its little bit hard to find correct and high quality subtitles from internet.Actually now its time to talk about the topic.


Subscene ( ) is acting a major role in the subtitle field by supplying quality subtitles completely free of cost. And lesser ads and crazy things, No wait time just download instantly in just one click!


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