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by Ruchira on January 3, 2013


I have been a fan of included samsung keyboard for a long time. My first android phone was a Galaxy S and it had “Swype” keyboard built in to it, those times it was cool to use it but when I was moved on to Galaxy SII I found its built in keyboard to be little bit better than the swype beta version that anyone can download, heck “Swype” might have been better but the truth is that, once I get used to a specific keyboard its really hard to give it up and move on to other unless it has a wow factor. So when the Galaxy SIII got released I moved on to that and found all in built apps including keyboard are really cool and beautiful. I really didn’t felt the need to change my keyboard until I saw the holidays 50% off deal on swiftkey 3 keyboard. I have heard lots of praises about swiftkey but never bothered to take a look myself. After seeing that cool deal I decided to take the plunge.


SwiftKey automatically learns the words and phrases that matter to you, intelligently auto-correcting and predicting based on your writing style. It can also learn your lingo by syncing with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

Best thing I see on swiftkey is the auto learning feature. It learns the phrases as you type and next time it can predict the word that you would use next. Trust me I’m not a fan of auto correcting and prediction as we type on other keyboards, but boy swiftkey does a marvelous job here. It doesn’t matter if you write your alien language phrases in English letters, after some learning swiftkey can predict the next word that you are going to use. On any keyboard  first thing I do is disable these predictions because its annoying but trust me swiftkey really blew my mind on this.

Its fast, Its really fast, No matter how fast you click, it will register the key press really quickly I haven’t enable to beat it. Also you can change the shape of keys and theme, customizing it to your favor so you can type very fast with minimal mistakes. Voice recognition is built in and its fast too,  and I found that it has nice accuracy.  I’m a Asian and it had no trouble identifying my voice and translating my voice to words on the fly.

So overall swiftkey is a really nice app which will change your typing experience and trust me I would never go back to my stock keyboard again. Price is bit high but it worth every single cent that you pay

Get it on google play

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