Adsense reporting system is down

by Ruchira on July 19, 2012

If you are a google adsense user and if you logged in to your adsense account right now you can see all of your stats went missing like this     Even the “All time” adsense earnings are missing from the main page. Only stats available are “Next payment” and “Most recent payment”. Problem seemed […]

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I have lost some of my letters and parcels from ebay on past few weeks, So I have recently opted to receive my Google Adsense checks via “Secure Express Delivery” which is said to be secure and delivered by DHL express delivery which is really fast.Despite the cost of $25 which they charge for this […]

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Back to Basics!

by Ruchira on August 14, 2011

Hi guys! Did you missed me? 🙂 I know some of you guys visit everyday to read my posts. Feedburner count shows that clearly. Sorry I didn’t wrote anything for last 6 weeks. Lots of thing changed recently, When things keeps me busy its hard to think of something special to write about. But now […]

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Hmmm, Adsense publishers from around the world had very bad year! Can you remember the days that you got $2 per click every time? World Economic crisis *was hit adsense market on the past year very badly. 🙁 People including me got $0.01 clicks. That made the whole day bad! I didn’t targeted adsense very […]

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How to make fake adsense screenshot easy

by Ruchira on September 9, 2010

  If you need a fake adsense screenshot you dont need photoshop or any online image editing software because they makes it worse! Not only adsense but you can edit any thing in a web page by using this java script trick. Just visit the web sitel that you want to get a screenshot and […]


Guide to get Adsense Account Fast

by Ruchira on March 1, 2010

Hi, Getting adsense account is hard these days. specially for Indians they didn’t get approved to this great program easily.But lastly I found a way to get approved on Adsense fast and safe within 24hours. But this is legal way. ATTENTION  Dont reapply if you got banned from adsense one time because its against their […]