amazon s3

Google Page Speed service is the Google’s answer to Cloudflare and I have decided to give it a try on this blog to see how it works and if it makes my site faster. Normally I’m not much in to CDN’s because I could gain similar performance for less cost by using an tuned nginx […]


Today amazon has launched its “Amazon glacier” service which is designed for high usage backup demands in modern world. Sure you could use already use Amazon S3 to backup your precious data but that costs would be somewhat high when comparing with this new Glacier service.


Cloudberry Explorer review

by Ruchira on August 21, 2011

You may have seen my post¬† Amazon S3 review. Looks like it went viral and some famous amazon s3 managing software vendors commented on that post and some vendors sent emails to me asking to review them.¬†Nadya from Cloudberry Explorer is one them. She asked me to review cloudberry explorer, Since I love freewares and […]


Using Amazon S3 with wordpress

by Ruchira on October 3, 2010

Now Im running Ubuntu+Nginx+PHP-FPM+Memcached on this blog. And pingdom says my website loads about in 4 seconds and I want to drive it further! I know this kind of page load time really blows many CDN enabled sites. But I wanted to try out and then I have faced problems here is info- Hmm […]